Friday, November 4, 2016


Good morning, it is Friday, I am not taking a walk and as I just told a friend, I have filled up the chicken waterers which is probably the most important thing I'll do today unless I clean out the hen house too.
Mr. Moon reports that he actually went to a doc-in-the-box up in Georgia this morning. I made him promise to do that when I spoke to him last night. It sounded as if he might have the strep which Lily got a recurrence of last week but his test came back negative. The doctor prescribed medication which would take care of it if what he has IS actually strep anyway and now he's going to rest and see how he feels. I have promised him real chicken soup if he comes home but I don't want him driving with a fever so we shall see...

I'm going to get to town and get my errands done and eat some tasty lunch with my children. Or some of them.

And that's the whole story of what's going on in my life today. I'd like to inform Facebook that my stripper name is NOT the color of my underwear combined with the last thing I ate. I do not, in fact, have a stripper name nor have I ever had one nor will I ever in the future have one. I did know a woman who was a go-go dancer in Alaska at one point in her younger years and I think that's fantastic! She's now a rather staid yoga teacher but oh! To have that experience to look back upon!

Have you ever done anything that you look back on and silently smile about? A little piece of your life that was maybe sweetly wicked?
I guess I do but I never got paid for any of it.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well let's see, my stripper name today would be Black Cappucino, although by that formula it would change every day, wouldn't it? And yes, definitely some secrets, not quite wicked so much as astonishingly daring to the point of foolish. I am lucky to have lived through all that, relatively unscathed. If i thought my own children were indulging in the likes of what I did, I would be a wreck all the time. But look, now here I am in sedate upper middle age, looking as benign as can be. Oh the stories we could tell, and maybe one day we will. I would not flinch from telling you all my secrets. The same cannot be said for everyone.

  2. Poor Mr Moon. I hope he gets better real soon and the meds help him quickly so he can drive home safely.

  3. I guess my stripper name would be Purple Almond Kringle. I sort of like that.

    And I, too, have a few very wicked things in my past, but I'll never tell.

  4. White Tea. Or does that formula not work with men?


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