Thursday, November 17, 2016

Close To Home

I took that picture yesterday. The little guy seemed utterly unafraid of me and let me get so close. Usually they skitter away at the first sign of a human drawing near. Perhaps he was still cold from the night before and had just begun to thaw his tiny bones in the sunlight, perched on a candle.

Mr. Moon has headed to Georgia for one more weekend and then the rutting season will have come to an end. Go ahead. Insert any joke you may wish here. Trust me, I've already made it. And so, it is quiet here tonight again. After I took my walk and kissed him good-bye, I spent the entire day working on Gibson's name blanket and all I got done was to sew one piece on and then rip and resew, rip and resew. I am using stupid fabric for the back, and the blanket I got at the Goodwill to go into the center is stupid too. The backing fabric is a glorious color of teal and softer than a baby's bottom but it is stretchy and so is the inner blanket and I did not have these problems when I just used cotton flannel and nothing else. The flannel stays where it is pinned for the most part and this is not the case with these materials.
Aren't we supposed to live and learn?
But honestly, it was rather meditative. The library finally put some new books on their Overdrive app and I have been listening to a fine book all day. The premise is a bit odd and not quite believable but the writing is good enough to overlook that. And the title is wonderful.
Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty. The author is Ramona Ausubel. I am probably about halfway through it so I could change my mind but for today, it was a much needed and worthy distraction as I used my hands on the fussiest work of ripping out tiny stitches.
I've tried not to spend too much time in the vast wasteland of the internet today which has been good. I've just kept my head down (and quite literally, bent over my sewing and ripping) and getting up to do a little laundry, a little kitchen tidying. I made my husband a good breakfast before he left for the woods and I did take a fairly short but fast walk this morning.
I put the garden sprinklers on late this afternoon and when I went out to take the compost, the setting sun was shining through my beautiful greens making them glow like emeralds.

What you're seeing there is (from left to right, row by row) beets, mustards and rosemary, arugula, kale, carrots and baby mesclun. I've picked a mixed handful for a salad tonight along with the romaine which is not in the picture, nor are the collards. They're all growing nicely.

And there is grandchildren news- Maggie is now the one with strep- but she's handling it well and her parents have not lost their shit entirely yet.

And suddenly, my day of sitting and listening and sewing and ripping out has caught up with me and as soon as my supper is done and eaten and the kitchen cleaned, I am going to go to bed. I had some hours of sheer anxiety panic today and they passed but I am exhausted. Tomorrow I plan to go to town and have Friday lunch with my kids and then the Costco and then we're going to get our hair cut and trimmed by Sweet Melissa and that will be a full, full day and just the thought of it makes me a little swoony but dammit! I need to get out of the house, I need to see my babies and life goes on. 

And this hot mess will be waiting for me when I get back.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Beautiful rows of greens.

    Those tiny dinosaurs not only don't run from me, they insist on
    coming into the house all the time, along with a host of other critters. It's lucky there aren't any bears here.

    1. Oh, they're all in my house, those tiny anoles. And on the screens, hunting bugs and sunning themselves. They just don't usually allow me to get so close to take their pictures.

  2. Gibson's going to love his blanket. There will be love in every stitch.

  3. You are so tender hearted. That quilt looks amazing the colors and texture are deep and rich. Lucky boy!

    1. I hope he likes it. It's hard to find nice flannel these days. It's all Disney prints and crap.

  4. nothing like fussy hand work to take your mind off horrible things. I'm going to try and stay off the internet today though I've already been on but the window is closed now.

  5. Well, the blanket LOOKS good, even if it is completely uncooperative fabric. At least it's absorbing work. And the garden is looking great too! I bet the deer and rabbits are eyeing it enviously.

    1. Absorbing work is right. Fussy and silly and just what I need.
      The chickens are eying the garden- I can tell you that! I wouldn't be surprised to find them flying over the fence and helping themselves.

  6. That quilt looks amazing. What great colours.

    Babies should not be able to get strep, that's too cruel :( Poor Maggie, I hope it doesn't get too much worse.


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