Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Report So Far

Oh, did we have pancakes! Yes, yes we did.
Lily and the boys didn't end up coming out which was sad but made for better conversational opportunities. Julia and I got to talk while everyone else cleaned up. We really do have so much in common. And now we are about to have even more.
I thanked her today for raising such a good, fine man who grew up to love my daughter. And she surely did.
It was just pure sweet.

Besides pancakes, I made a fruit salad and cashew cream. Have you made this stuff? It's sort of awesome and butt easy. You just soak some cashews and then drain them and rinse them and put 'em in a blender or a food processor with a little water and turn them into cream. You can do a savory one or a sweet one. Whatever you need. I hear it's a good substitute for ricotta if you're looking for vegan options. I added honey and vanilla and almond extract and a tiny bit of salt and lime juice to mine this morning. Too much vanilla but it was still pretty good.
Look it up on the internet where you'll find more specific instructions as to measurements if you're interested.
I'd done a similar thing with cashews before in a curried soup thing and that was amazing. I'll do that again soon.

So it was a good visit and we showed Julia around the yard and the garden and the house. She liked our trees, the greens, the chickens. She has chickens too. And grandkids that live nearby her. Okay, she IS the sort of woman who's going to ride her bike down to the coast and back this afternoon which I definitely am NOT but still- we share a lot. And we sure do love our babies. And their babies.

Still very gray here but not raining. Not as cold. Here's a picture.

Maurice pretending not to watch Mick and Camellia. Made me laugh a little. They're still out there although now Maurice is watching the wild birds and is no longer pretending not to. The ducks and some more of the chickens have joined them and they're all discussing something. The red-wing blackbirds have joined the robins in huge flocks and are chittering and singing in all the trees. The very air is alive with life right now. It's a beautiful thing.

Well, I better go gird my loins before those grandsons of mine arrive and the adventures begin. I am feeling pretty good today in all ways and cheerful despite the gloomy sky.

Yep. I'll take it. And all the hugs and kisses that go with.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can almost taste those pancakes.
    And that cashew cream--I made a vegan berry cheesecake using that stuff. It was awesome. I recommend a food processor rather than an ancient blender.

  2. I have been without good internet access for the last two weeks but whenever I can get online I make sure to check in on things in Lloyd. Has anyone ever visited your blog from South Africa before? ;)

  3. well, it's still cold and rainy here. this has been the cloudiest winter ever I think. the sun goes missing for weeks at a time and has only shone for a few days in between. I'm sick of it!

    You are lucky to have a good co mother-in-law. I tried to make friends with my SIL's mother but she turned out to be a crazy bitch. Told my daughter (who she freely admits she doesn't like and actually didn't have much nice to say about her son either) that she was a better mother to her than I was. you can imagine how well that sat with my daughter. and the woman was so rude to me one day over at my daughter's that my daughter basically threw her out of the house. she had to wait outside for her husband to return as he and my SIL had gone on an errand. this was when the twins were babies. following that, they were not allowed over or contact with the kids and didn't even meet the youngest grandkid til she was about 10 or so but that had more to do with his relationship to his parents than the way they treated me. his father has never once spoken to me that I didn't speak first. I could walk right up to him standing there with his son and he wouldn't even so much as make eye contact with me. very weird people. but their son is a great guy and I am glad to have him in our family.

  4. The pancakes sound great. We have eggs and some home fries this morning. Still a nasty raw day here with rain coming down.

  5. I made crepes with pears poached in honey water and ginger with a berry coulis this morning. Amazing.

  6. Denise- I used my ancient food processor. It worked a charm.

    Sarah- According to my stats, I get hits from two S. African towns. Cape Town and Worcester. Which are you?

    Ellen- I am SO lucky in my sister grandmother-to-be. She is intelligent as hell and has chickens. What more could I ask? Not much. I am sorry about your daughter's MIL. But I'm glad her son is such a keeper.

    Syd- I admitted today that I don't really like pancakes that much. I told Jessie that next week we are having grits and eggs and bacon and biscuits. And I MEAN it!

    Madame King- I used to make crepes! When did I stop? I can't remember. I do poached beers in lemon, turbando sugar water served with blue cheese and toasted pecans. One of my very favorite foods. But ginger water with the berry coulis sounds fabulous. Maybe I should get out the crepe pan again.

  7. There is something so satisfying about feeding the people we love, isn't there?

    Glad your daughter has a nice mother-in-law. It is lovely not to have drama with the in-laws.

  8. Sounds like a nice morning and a great visit.

  9. She's riding her bike to the COAST? How far is that??

  10. I was in Cape Town, the week before last, and then Johannesburg, and then Lesotho... normally I'm in Connecticut, though. I wonder where Worcester is.


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