Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No Plan, No Problem

The Cherokee Roses are blooming and I saw these on my walk today and I was happy to see them. I admire their simple and pristine beauty but they are the thorniest things and so I will never plant them. I already have enough thorny things in my life to deal with but I can enjoy the ones that grow elsewhere. They would make an excellent hedgerow to discourage people and predators and friendly bringers of the Truth armed with leaflets, that last one a cross between the first two.

Yes. It is getting close to Easter so I will be discussing religion a bit more than usual. This is my annual ritual. I don't really have anything to talk about today in that regard. Right now, the thought of Easter only brings to mind the thought of ham. I believe I may be hungry.

The boys may or may not be coming out today. This depends on Jason's schedule which today is dependent on inventory. I told Owen yesterday that if they came out today we could kick the bamboo. He acted as if this was going to be slave labor and a huge horrible waste of time which is funny because he loves to kick bamboo and then he and his brother use the long sturdy shoots as swords. However, I told him that if they do kick bamboo for me, we can walk up to Papa Jay's and get penny candy. That idea did intrigue him and he allowed as how he could probably manage to kick a little bamboo.

And so my day is a bit up in the air but I am in a good mood and have sheets in the laundry and plenty to do if I do not end up playing with two little boys. I have perused enough Facebook to know that assholes are assholes and that some people start prayer chains for financial purposes.
Okay, okay. I'll shut up on that for now.

Spring is coming along nicely, it is cooler today, we need to get our tomatoes and peppers and squash and beans in the ground. My burn is healing although it still looks horrific. I am interested to see what the scar will look like and I think I will eat some lunch and proceed to see where this day will lead.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. "some people start prayer chains for financial purposes."

    Let's gather hands together to pray for the people who start prayer chains such as this. Ok? Amen.

  2. Birdie- I wanted ham even after I ate lunch. I want ham all the time. Mostly.

    SJ- Yes! We should! Amen.

  3. I have never seen Cherokee Roses. They are pretty. I hope the boys come over and kick bamboo for penny candy. I'd do it to wear the boots! It sounds fun in your neck of the woods today.

  4. Ah, spring. I can't wait :)

    The roses look like our wild roses here in the north except ours are pink. I'm sure ours have a fancy name, but I've only ever heard them called "wild roses" and, yes, they are terribly thorny too.

  5. I recently bought a sign that says "No Soliciting, No religious Inquires, Beware of Dog." I hung it right next to the doorbell. Seriously. If I had a dog, I'd sic on someone preaching at me.

  6. I remember the prayer chains in college for getting good grades during exams.

    Oh, please start talking about religion in your inimitable way!


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