Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Up To The Minute News From Lloyd

Elvis is hanging in. I kept him in the coop this morning and gave him a dish of scrambled eggs and yogurt. He doesn't seem any better, he doesn't seem any worse. For this, I am grateful. He has eaten a little bit and I've also given him a bowl of water with baking soda in it which is recommended. Meanwhile, Mick is doing a good job of keeping watch over the hens. He learned from the master so I would expect no less. Thank all of you so much for your kind words and thoughts about El. If only he knew...

Now. In other news, the Stones are going to play a US tour this year. They will actually be in Orlando on June 12. My first reaction is...oh fuck no. I hate crowds. And the Citrus Bowl as a venue- well, more crowd than I can imagine. And then I think about this.

The old men! Keith, that joyous survivor of everything. Charlie Watts, such a beautiful old man. Ronnie Wood- well, what can you say? He's a hell of a guitar player. And Mick. Dancing with the moves like Jagger. Probably one of the world's greatest great-grandfather athletes.

Well. Something to think about. I told Mr. Moon and his immediate reaction was, "We're going!"
"Hmmmm..." I said.

He took off a few minutes ago, hauling his boat, the truck filled with coolers and bins, meat loaf for sandwiches, bags of cookies, fishing poles, reels, line, phone chargers, pillows, etc. Etc. He will be stopping at Publix to buy everything else he needs. His buddies are meeting him down at the coast. I hope they have a good time, catch some grouper. And so here I am, holding down the fort in Lloyd until Saturday. I think I'll go to Owen's T-Ball game tonight, and then maybe to supper with the family afterwards. I need to make myself get out of the house and not just sit here in Lloyd, dreamily watching the chickens although I may dedicate one day to nothing but reading.

There's a tiny brownish black bird with the slightest sheen of red on his head, sitting on a limb of the pecan and he has the most liquid little warble I've ever heard. I do not know what sort of bird he is and Owen left our bird book out in the rain after he was being a bird watcher one day. I need to get a new one.

Did I hear what I just said? I cannot sit here all day and watch birds and chickens. I need to go take a walk. I need to...well, I guess do whatever I want.

The sun is slipping in and out from behind clouds. Maurice has moved from the border grass to the table here on the porch for her nap.

Looks like Indiana might have to rethink their religious freedom bill.
I just slipped that in there so that you know I'm still concerned with issues more important than birds, cats, and chickens.

And so I did.

Let's all be multi-faceted!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am glad Elvis is no worse. If you do come the the Stones concert maybe we could met for lunch, dinner, drinks or whatever. I would love to met you in real life. Gail

  2. Glad to hear Elvis is hanging in there. I have thought entirely too much about that Rooster over the last few days. But I am not ashamed! Being a bird watcher does seem like tiring work. And a person could easily be so tired as to forget to bring their book inside with them. I get that.

  3. Go to that concert! Bring a set of earplugs and get a drink or two into you and have fun.

    I was wondering how Elvis is doing way over in your part of the world. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I hung a bird feeder by a suction cup to my front window to amuse my cat and found it also amuses my mother. I use these two bird guides:



    I like those two as you can search by location, habitat, size, colour or whatever.

    Glad our favourite bird is hanging in.


  5. I think... this is one of those gigs that you will probably be glad you went to, even if you have a crappy time. You know what I mean?

  6. What's the opposite of multi-faceted?

    And yes, you must go see Keith! With your man! What better?

  7. Indiana, born and raised, and my fb page is alight with commentary from my fellow Hoosiers. From some there is an outcry of blatant discrimination and from others, cries of religious persecution. Mouths that recently oozed love now drip venom. I hope Mick hasn’t been poisoning Elvis's food. It's hard to know who you can trust these days.

  8. Nancy's comment was funny about Mick possibly poisoning Elvis' food if it wasn't sad that Elvis isn't feeling well. I'm glad Elvis is coming along. And I vote for you going to see your beloved Keith with Mr Moon. Just think how fun that would be for the two of you and the write up you could do for us! I also vote for you to take a day off this week and do nothing but exactly what you want, no should things. I realize I'm thinking of you with such good feelings today.

  9. Hang on, Elvis!

    Go see the Stones, Mary!

    And pamper yourself a bit while you are alone. Or a lot.

  10. I've just been catching up with all of your blog posts. It's been busy in my world but when I saw the Stones would be in Orlando I thought of you and had to make time to read. I'm sorry about Elvis. I sure hope he feels better soon. And please, please go to that concert. It'd be so fun for you and the Mr. and it'd make my heart so happy to know you are there.

  11. Yay, for Elvis. I hope he continues to improve and Mr. Moon is right-you should go. Enjoy yourself.

  12. I NEVER want to go to concerts either, Mary. But I'm always glad I did. You MUST go.

  13. I agree...you HAVE to go to the concert.

    And as for birds? If you don't have a book, just go to this site:
    by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Put anything in the search bar (I just put house finch as an example)and you'll get awesome results. They have pictures, sounds and video. I love it, silly birdwatcher that I am.

  14. Good news re Elvis.

    Good news re the Stones. Go! I might go if they come to L.A. Gonna check.

  15. Sounds like a female purple finch has been visiting you. State bird of NH and we're awaiting their very welcome return up here. In the meantime, she's safe and much warmer with you!

    Poor Elvis. Here's hoping he feels better soon. And finally...the STONES?...Are you kidding me? GO.GO.GO! X

  16. Gail- Sometimes I feel like this IS my real life. And hey- one never knows!

    Jill- Yes. Birdwatching. Tiring. Plus- distraction. I understand.

    Birdie- I would definitely get ear plugs. And even more definitely, have drinks.

    Jo- I most certainly DO!

    Angella- Uh, meeting Keith in a bar? Haha! If I only went to bars, the odds would be increased tremendously.

    Nancy- It's going to backfire on them. That law. And yet, now Arkansas has followed suit. What the fuck? I think Mick is too busy having sex with all the hens to poison Elvis's food.

    Joanne- It makes me so happy to think that you are thinking of me in such a sweet way. When Mr. Moon is off on these fun trips of his, I don't feel compelled to get much done. I'll tell you that. It's funny. Good for both of us, I think.

    jenny_o- I plan on it! I might even paint my toenails! I did take a nap today. It was heavenly.

    Kelly- I truly am thinking about going. The blog material alone would make it worthwhile.

    e- Well, miracles do happen, eh?

    Ms. Vesuvius- If you went to Paris, maybe I could go to Orlando? Maybe?

    Lis- And I used to have the Audubon app on my phone but deleted it when I ran out of storage. It, too, had calls you could listen to. It was amazing.

    Denise- Can you even imagine? ARGH!

    Camille- I don't think it looked like the female purple finch. Very dark. Not streaky. The song was mesmerizing.

  17. What's wrong with watching birds and chickens? I say go for it. (But as I said in the post above, I'm glad you had a good day out!)

  18. You are going, yes, yes, yes. Of course, it will be so noisy, so crowded and not really about the music - which you can hear so much better at home - and seeing them - which you can do so much better on a dvd or online etc. - but this is about atmosphere and about feeling and being young and also about legacy!!!

  19. Not sure I should say this. Girding loins! Saw the Stones here in England in 1976. They were terrible as well as 4 hours late on stage due to being incapable and Keith cutting his hand. Highlight of day was Lynard Skynard from your neck of woods ish? They were one of the best rocking bands I have ever seen. That guitar army. Wow! Hottest summer ever in Uk. We made those Southern Boys feel at home even though us Brits could not cope with it! Sad times to follow but that day was special. Maggi x

  20. Steve Reed- A balance is required, right?

    Sabine- I was going to say, "Oh, it's going to make me feel old!" but then I think of how those guys onstage are ten years at least older than I. We shall see. We shall see.

    Battybint- No, I think that's a wonderful thing that you gave such an honest report. That was when the Stones were under the influence of many, many things, not least of which was too much fame. And you know- it's like that. I've seen Bob Dylan three times. Once was good, once was one of the best concerts I've ever attended, and one was just horrible and boring. So it goes. Bruce Springsteen ALWAYS gives a fantastic concert. Always. I think that now the Stones are doing it for nothing but the music and of course, the money. But, mostly, having read Keith's book, I think for the joy of still doing it.
    Lynard Skynard surely did rock! Amen!

  21. Bruce Springsteen is the absolute rock god.

    Had my formative years with the Stones Beatles etc although Donovan my fave.

    Agree re Stones as they are now. Love Keith and Ronnie and Charlie but never could be doing with Jagger.

    Skynard rocked Knebworth 1976 Not well known here in UK at the time. They were awesome. Loads of other bands on 10cc Todd Rungrens Hot Tuna and the Stones headlining. In my opinion skynard topped the lot. Would never have seen them it I hadn't gone to see the Stones. Glory Days when we were young Love Maggi (no E)

  22. Maggi- Sorry about the extra and unnecessary "e".
    Have you read Keith's autobiography? I think you might like it. "Life." It is not only interesting, it is well-written and a good history of our times.
    Glory days indeed. And yet, some still are.

  23. Yes still some glory days. Have read Keith's book. Loved it. No worries about the E Happens all the time but
    I am very fussy about it. Got that name at a festival 1972 Watching Rod and the Faces inc Ronnie Wood. My mispent or is it well spent youth x

  24. Okay, I am freaking out about Elvis. He has got to be okay.


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