Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slo Mo

I have never seen Spring bust out as quickly as it's happening this year. I think I mentioned that the wisteria was starting to swell buds at the beginning of the week and by god, it's already starting to show purple.


I can't get a decent picture to save my life because the sky is dirty-cotton white and the glare interferes with everything. And my real camera is set on some sort of function that I can't EVEN figure out and I've got to go get that little booklet out which tells me how to fix it and somehow that's just not on my agenda for right now.
Not sure what my agenda IS right now, but that's not on it.

Anyway, that's the Buckeye up there, it's blooms at peak.

There you have the mulberry and the fig. That mulberry is growing like a weed and I think they actually ARE sort of a weed. 

I'm being as lazy today as a human can be who is not actually asleep. Perhaps the energy of spring is sapping all of my energy. When I lived in Winter Haven, there was a little old man who used to pedal his bike home past our house every night. He pedaled so slowly that it was hard to understand how he kept the bike upright and he always had a cigar in his mouth. His name, as far as I ever knew, was Shorty.
We got some new neighbors at one point and I was talking to one of the sons (whose name, by the way, was Big Al) and he said of Shorty, "If he pedaled any slower he would be going backwards."
So that's me today. If I were moving any slower, I would be going backwards and since life is moving forwards (at least in this dimension) I suppose maybe I am moving backwards but this is one of those concepts best discussed by string theorists or someone of that ilk. Not me with my limited understanding of the Rules of the Universe. 
And in that vein, let me wish you happy Pi Day which I was worrying a little bit about last night. I mean, if we could get all worked up about the world ending due to the Mayan calendar, wouldn't it make sense that the exact second that the date and time corresponded to one of the most mysterious numbers in the universe be even more symbolically dire?
Oh but wait. Pi may be a true and baffling constant but the date and time are more of a human-invented concept. 
Okay. We're probably safe. 

I better get to it. Whatever "it" is. I really do want to move all my potted plants back outside today that I can manage by myself. Trim them, repot some, fool around in dirt, even if it's just dirt in a pot. I repotted a bird's nest fern the other day that was severely root bound and as I settled it into its new home I could just feel it stretching its toe-roots, sighing with relief. 
I feel almost certain that we will get no more freezes this year. 

Mick crows and Elvis answers from another part of the yard. A neighboring rooster joins in. Elvis, Jr. I do believe. 

Know what this is?

A tiny celery plant growing from the base of a celery plant. Know why I'm doing that? Because it's so fucking cute I can't stand it. 

And because obviously I lead the most boring life in existence.

Love and kisses...Ms. Moon

P.S. I just saw something I have never seen before in my life- two male (I suppose) vultures courting and mating with a female (I'm assuming) vulture in a tree in my backyard. Maurice and I both stood there, dumbfounded, watching. They made chuffing sounds and then flew off, their great wings spread as they headed to the swamp behind the railroad tracks.
It has never once in my life occurred to me that vultures mate and lay eggs but of course they do! Sort of like contemplating Dick Cheney having sex.
Sorry. I apologize to vultures everywhere. That was uncalled for. 


  1. Shorty seems the only fitting name for the man you described

    Spring has made it to MN too! Just this week I saw robins (they made it to us from your yard). And yesterday's accomplishments included picking up all of the winter deposited dog poop. Those two events are always sure signs of spring. We may get another snow but we know it won't stay long. You can FEEL the happiness on people - we made it!!

  2. Mating vultures... it's not something I can imagine encountering, no.

    I must do the celery thing. Forthwith! I am also lazy. I sit on my butt on the computer all day, annoying myself by reading stupid people saying stupid things. I should clean up the table. I should walk the dog. I should tidy my room, I should hoover.

  3. I swear my weeds grew three feet in the past five days. From nothing to a jungle.

    These spring rains, they got power. Sure wish I'd been able to get a garden bed in by now. Oh well. Later. AFter I tackle these weeds.

  4. Ew, that Cheney dig was too much! I saw two courting crows yesterday, but they saw me and flapped down the valley for some privacy, I guess. We still have snow all over the shop. Hugs.

  5. LOL, the Dick Cheney remark made me actually LOL!

    And your line "Not sure what my agenda IS right now, but that's not on it" is the story of my life the last few years! Thank you for putting that into words :)

  6. Dick Cheney NOT vultures but you know that. LOL. I've seen wild turkeys mate, and um, not graceful. But come to think of it, humans are pretty funny too.

    I love you so, by the way. I feel it all the way over here in my corner of the world. And you right back at me. Love beams know no time or space.

    You're my love goddess, one of them anyway.

    XXX B

  7. eeewwwaa... dick cheney and sex should never never NEVER be in the same sentence! blek

    but as usual i throughly enjoy the visuals that come with your words


  8. Jill- Do my robins look plump? I hope so. Yay! You DID make it!

    Jo- I did eventually get moving and got some things accomplished but very much at my own speed. You?

    NOLA- Sad to say but sometimes the only way to deal with weeds is to pull them if you don't want to use poison. I know- you can put that black plastic on them but the weeds we have here in the south can often survive even that. It's never-ending.

    Big Mamabird- May it all thaw away soon and warmth creep into everyone's bones.

    jenny_o- And thank YOU for laughing at the funny parts.

    Beth Coyote- And you are one of MY love goddesses. Yes. I can feel the beams. Can you feel them back to you?

    Michelle- I know. That was ugly, wasn't it? Well, you have to give me some leeway for just having witnessed vulture sex.

    Elizabeth- Glad you enjoyed. Love you, dear.

  9. Spring is busting out here too but it is so hard to enjoy in all the wet and gloom. Today was beautiful though. The pic on top, buckeye? I want some of that. Stuff budding out here too and I just noticed the pink climbing rose up in the old white crepe myrtle is blooming. So I noticed that I have leeks growing in the compost pile from cut off ends, much like your celery which I have been meaning to try. Did I mention parallel lives?

  10. Poor vultures - a terrible thing to do to them, that comparison. At least they clear up nature's crap, not create it, like Mr Cheney.
    The signs of spring? I am SO damn envious you wouldn't credit it. I still have a good three feet of snowpack on the ground, and it is snowing hard and well below zero, right this minute. Even my hounds took one paw step outside, and shook their heads in disgust!
    Mrs F

  11. Oh, I forgot,I have little celery-ettes lined up on my windowsills - one of my daughters uses it to feed her house rabbits! You can do the same with lettuce, too, did you know?
    Mrs F

  12. I have wondered and asked where vultures lay their eggs in coastal areas. I believe they are ground and cave nesters but there are no caves here. Let me know if you find a nest.

  13. Ellen Abbott- I swear. Parallel lives.

    Mrs. F- Plenty of spring here. I wish I could share!
    True what you said about Cheney.
    I have heard that about lettuce. I plan on putting the celery-ettes in the dirt when they get a big bigger.

    Syd- I wondered the same- WHERE DO THEY NEST? I should google it.

  14. I've also never really thought about mating or nesting in the vulture world. Some creatures are just sort of AROUND, and we don't think about how they got there. Vultures fall into that category.

    My camera has been doing weird things lately, too. I think I need to take it in for some maintenance.

  15. Hahahahahaha.

    Spring happened like that here too.


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