Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Sunday With No Suckitude

I think the boy had a great time at the party. Lily sent me another picture which featured Owen and the birthday boy but since I don't have permission from his parents to post it, I won't, but trust me, Super Man and a Power Ranger have never had huger smiles when posing together.
And oh, it was SO rough and SO hard to take care of Gibson.
He was sweet as could be and didn't puke once. Here's what he did do, though.

Fell asleep on his old Mer's old bosom. I would have fallen asleep too but his daddy came home and I gingerly scooted out from under him and gently settled him on the couch. Gibson will be three in less than two weeks and yes, he is growing up so fast but look at those fingers with their dimples, those cheeks, that sweet round chin. He's still our baby. And will be until Jessie has her baby at which point he will seem SO grown up. I cherish this time, though. 

Speaking of Jessie, she texted me today to ask if I had "buckets" of chicken and dumpling leftovers. I told her that I'd make her her own batch this week. She likes the puffy dumplings anyway, and I'll love making them for her. She's at the point in pregnancy where she's not throwing up or anything but certain foods definitely appeal to her more than others. 
I had one pregnancy where I couldn't get enough Greek salad. One where all I wanted was taco salad. Those little beans in our bellies make us want strange things. 
I remember once when I was pregnant with May and her daddy was playing a gig in town one Saturday night. I asked him to please, please, stop at the Denny's on his way home and get me a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and he did and it was about the best thing I ever ate. That melted American cheese and the processed ham and the buttery bun...
Anyway, there's nothing that could make me happier than making up a big pot of chicken stew with dumplings for my pregnant daughter and her husband. I'm all a-tingle, just thinking about it. 

Mr. Moon and I just did a martini-walk around the property and stopped in the garden where I thumbnail-snipped enough collards and mustards and kale to stuff in my overall pockets and I've already got them on the stove with onions and tomatoes, vinegar, salt and pepper. A bit of olive oil. Fifteen minutes from dirt to pot. I took the bouquet of mustards when I picked them and offered them stem-up to Mr. Moon to smell. It's a swoony smell. One I hope I remember on my deathbed. Spicy and green and I wish everyone in the world could have that smell in their nose at least once. Also the tea-olive which is about done blooming for now. The honeysuckle is starting to flower already and there you have that particular heaven-scent. 

I think I'll make a cornbread tonight in one of my skillets. Have cornbread and cane syrup for dessert. 

Today has not sucked. Not sucked at all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are one badass grandmother. And Lily is radiant in that photo-as well as both boys. Lucky duck!

  2. Every spring there is a smell and I still have not figured out exactly what it is yet. It reminds me of my grandparents house. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes because my grandpa was such a kind soul and he loved me and I loved him. That smell is him. That and Brylcream.

  3. I love Owen's face painting. It's awesome. And it makes me a little sad that Gibson won't be the baby anymore but probably not when there's a new baby to baby. That's just the way of things I guess. You're such a good Mer. I marvel at it really.

  4. Oh, it does sound nice. Especially that martini walk about the grounds.

    I had such cravings for sandwiches with Oliver -- I'd drive all over the city and try different sandwiches, but they had to be ice-cold. With Sophie it was hot fudge sundaes, and with Henry it was coconut cream pie.

  5. Cravings: shish taouk (grilled chicken and salad in pita with tahini sauce) with my son and lobster salad with my daughter.

    Your family is radiant, you at the center, setting the tone. Lovely.

  6. Not sucking is always a good descriptor for a day!

    I love that super-green, mustardy smell too. Any greens, actually, I love. Especially collards.

  7. Oh my gawd, I can't wait for those chicken and dumplings! I told Vergil that we will be getting some and he did a little happy dance. I think he also feels a little guilty that you make us food all the time, but I tried to reassure him that I need it for our baby, and I don't think you mind all that much. Thanks Mama!!!
    And I love Owen's face paint. He looks so happy.

  8. Ashley- I'm not sure how badass I am but I know I'm lucky, for sure!

    Birdie- How beautiful!

    Joanne- Oh, these boys are so sweet that it makes it easy to be a good Mer. Mostly! They ARE real children, after all.

    Elizabeth- I love it when we walk around the yard. I showed Mr. Moon the baby spiders. He hadn't seen them yet. And we checked the bloom and bud progress. And so forth.
    Ice cold! Pregnancy does induce strange cravings, doesn't it?

    Angella- Your daughter had expensive taste, even before birth! And your son- exotic!
    You know what? It feels so right at this stage of my life being the grandmother with my sweet husband as the grandfather. It's just...the way it's supposed to be for us, I guess.

    Steve Reed- I feel bad I didn't cook you greens from the garden. Come back! I will!

    HoneyLuna- Oh, tell Vergil that there is nothing in this world I'd rather do than cook for the ones I love. And yes, you DO need it for your baby!

  9. Another post in which I love your life.
    xoxoxox Thank you for writing about it.

  10. Your grandsons are so cute! I loved those ages when my kids were that size.

  11. The days that don't suck are magical.


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