Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ace Is The Place

Mr. Moon had activities which promised to keep him away all day and I looked at my options which were stay here and wallow in the dreary day and dreary feelings or go to town and run some errands.
I chose Option #2 and my first stop was the Ace Hardware. I wanted a new broom, dammit, one that worked and one that was sturdy and wouldn't be worn out in six months. I found three choices at the Ace (not counting those plastic, fake brooms which I will not even consider) and with the helpful advice of Jessie via text, I chose the Warehouse model and it is a very fine broom. Heavy with a good wooden handle and plenty of snap and strength. And when it is finally worn out, I can use that handle as a sturdy walking stick for the rest of my life. I've been craving a good walking stick since I saw an episode of Genealogy Roadshow where a guy brought in his great, great grandmother's own walking stick and I thought, "Yeah. I need one of those."



I ended up meeting Mr. Moon at the Costco. He had some time between the T-Ball meeting (he is going to help Jason coach Owen's team) and his dinner meeting about some sort of hunting thing. We walked the aisles and blocked the aisles which were full of people on a miserable Saturday, buying huge amounts of stuff and eating so many samples that they were lined UP at the pimento cheese sampler place and employees were frantically scrambling to get more food out for the hoards to sample. There was plenty of organic trail mix, however.
I did not try it. I'm sure it was absolutely delicious.
We bought bird seed and beer and blueberries. When we checked out, the guy behind the cash register made some comment about our selection and Mr. Moon said, "You need a lot of beer to wash down those seeds," which I thought was hysterical. I do love my husband.
After we checked out, we kissed and parted and I went to Publix and bought a few things I need for tomorrow when Jessie and Vergil and Vergil's mama, who is visiting, are going to come out for pancakes. Lily and the boys are coming too and then the boys are staying when their mama goes to work. So it will be another busy day. I am so sorry that the weather has been so vile for Julia's visit. She brought her bike with plans to explore a bit around here but I don't know if she's done that or not. I think she helped Vergil with the kitchen project today. She is a very fine carpenter, as well as being a professional musician and potter and fabric artist and gardener and, oh, take my word for this- the woman is extremely talented.
And nice. I am honored to have her as a sister-mother. And soon, sister-grandmother.

I'm glad I got out and I'm glad to be home. I'm glad people are coming over tomorrow morning and it will be fun to make great platters of pancakes and maybe some fruit salad and bacon, of course. I wish it were going to be pretty and we could eat outside but I fear it will not be. Oh well. The house will be cozy and warm and smell of bacon and coffee and pancakes and the boys will be running around, happy to be back at Mer and Bop's where there is always something to do, somewhere to hide, some adult to coerce into doing their bidding.
Me, usually.
And perhaps the rain will back off and it will be warm enough for Boppy to take them down to Bug's house to fish for bream in the pond.

The sun has set, I suppose. I never saw it all day long but it is darker than it was before.
And the chickens have taken themselves to bed and the frogs are starting to call. The wind rattles the bones of the bare pecan trees and I can hear raindrops falling from the leaves of the magnolias, drip, drip, drip. Maurice has just gone out and I can hear her bell tinkling, even though I cannot see her. She is no doubt waiting for me to come and shut the chickens up. She accompanies me on this task, as she does when I let them out in the morning.
I am so grateful for that cat. I cannot really sleep these days unless she is cuddled next to me. She does not ask for much- indeed! she does not tolerate much, but when she lets me stroke her soft fur at night when it is darkest, I so appreciate it. My fingers sink into the softness of her winter coat and although she does not really purr, I know she likes it because when she no longer likes it, she grabs my hand and bites it and then I stop and we both settle down and go to sleep. She is not subtle and I appreciate that.

Good night, y'all. Be well.

I am SO glad you are here.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm picky about my brooms too. must be natural bristle.

  2. A great day in the life. And thank goodness for Maurice :)

  3. She is not subtle and I appreciate that.

    I love that sentence.

  4. I think of you there with you chickens and ducks and spirit animal Maurice with the rain falling outside and the warm pool of light inside and I feel as if I am in the most delicious storybook. Sometimes.

  5. I am glad you're here!

    I wish someone were here to make me pancakes and bacon today. I could use a little heart food.

    Much love.

  6. I would like a decent broomstick for flying, trying to turn into a good and proper witch. Still looking and I suppose yours won't be good for that either?

  7. Beer and seeds. Hilarious. Tis snowing here!

    Maurice certainly has Cattitude!

    Maggi x

  8. It is dark and dreary here today. No riding today but I did give my horse some extra hay and alfalfa cubes as well as the usual peppermints. He is happy in his stall for the moment. Ready for some real spring.

  9. Ellen Abbott- They call it "broom straw" for a damn reason, right?

    Jill- Yes. Absolutely.

    Maggie May- I get tired of trying to read minds. You know? Just tell me. Thank you.

    Angella- The past few days it has been so. Thank you, sugar.

    Heartinhand- Oh. I would if I could. You know that.

    Sabine- It's as good a broomstick as I've ever had. I'll let you know.

    Battybint- We get the water in liquid form. And lots of it this winter. Which we can use. Always.
    Yes. Maurice is filled up with it!

    Syd- It's going to happen so soon. Spring. Horses like peppermints? That's wonderful! The hard or soft ones?

  10. Ha! I love Mr Moon's birdseed quip.

    Cats are funny that way -- they love affection but only on their terms and not too much.


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