Monday, March 9, 2015

As Only A Monday Can Feel

The existential angst is pretty bad this morning. Is it the lead gray sky? The time change?
Who knows?

I'm going to go with a friend to a medical appointment today. I know she's scared and I know I want to be there for her, hold her hand, let her know that I'm proud of her for going. I know.
I know. 
This I do know.

Then I'm picking up my boys and bringing them here for the rest of the afternoon. The chickens are confused as to why I let them into the coop an hour early. They are quiet. Maurice is waiting for them under the bird feeder, drowsing as the cardinals and finches flit above her.

Sometimes I wish I was a cat. If they suffer from existential angst, they certainly do it in dignity.


  1. I agree about the angst and the cats. Good luck to your friend...

  2. I imagine cats just think, "Fuck that," and then contemplate batting around a mouse.

  3. e- Thank you!

    Elizabeth- Or ripping the wings off a bird. Or eating the brains from a squirrel. I'm sure they have a rich inner life.

  4. Aha!

  5. You remind me of my dear friend, Ann, who told me one she knows her job in life is to help.

  6. I might want to be a chicken. If I could be in Elvis's flock.

  7. I want to come back as a cat.

  8. Angst isn't something that is with me at the current moment.


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