Friday, March 6, 2015

And It's Friday Again

It's a bit of a strange day, chilly and gray but I can hear blackbirds singing and the chickens are scratching and laying their eggs.
Mr. Moon is working from home today and when I say "working" I mean he and a friend are going to do some auto repair- don't ask me what.

I'm going to take a walk and then go to town. Go to the library, meet up with Lily and the boys and who knows who/what/where? There's a heaviness on the soul sort of feeling today, this gray sky pushing down, just one of those times.

Best to get out and breathe through it, move on through it.

Elvis crows as he strides around his flock, keeping watch, and here's one of the saddest things in the world- Mick The Rooster sometimes makes his tid-bit cry to tell the hens that he has found them treats and not a one of them goes to see what he has to offer.

It makes me sad.

He is trying. Aren't we all?

Patience. May we all have some.


  1. Yes, it's a strange-feeling day for me, too. I feel frayed at the edges but solid at the center. Thankful it's not the other way around. -nancy

  2. They'll come around. Elvis is old school, Mick is new school. We have a sunny blue sky today! the first in I can't remember how many days. too many.

  3. Your breaking my chicken loving heart. I know you'll keep us posted as things progress in the flock and I am sure one day we'll hear of Mick winning over some of the ladies. And then my heart will break for Elvis. Dang it.

  4. I wish we could edit comments. It is killing me that I used the wrong form of your/you're at the start of that last one ;)

  5. Is it common to have two roosters to a flock? If so, what usually happens to the underdog? I hope Elvis and Mick can share the ladies. Mick must be lonely.

  6. Hope you come back from walking/town refreshed and smiling. :)
    Skies are clear here, snow is melting. Waiting on Spring...

  7. Three posts Mary?! (Obviously I'm reading backwards.)
    You're like the chicken whisperer.


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