Saturday, June 20, 2020

At Least I Got To See My Babies Dance

Lily texted me last night about Maggie and Gibson's dance recital today. I sighed deeply. First of all, it started at nine a.m. Secondly- the pandemic.
I know that everything is opening back up but I also know that Florida has had more new cases in the past few days than we've ever had. The recital was going to be outside so that did help the situation but the heat was supposed to be fierce.
I went to sleep deciding to see how I felt about it all in the morning.
I felt about the same in the morning which is to say that the idea didn't thrill me but there was no way I could not go.
My babies.
And so I did.
I sat in the shade but people kept encroaching on my space.
Unmasked people. I'd say that at least 75% of the crowd was not masked and people just crammed up next to each other. I could not believe it. These were parents and siblings and grandparents.
But I stayed to myself as much as I could and wore my mask the whole time. And it was hot. I was fine, really, where I was in the shade, but the people who sat in the seats in front of the stage had to have been roasting.
Both kids did very well. I think back to Maggie's first dance class and how she cried and clung to her mama and refused to participate and it is amazing at how far she's come.

The youngest children's teachers got onstage to dance with them and that worked out well. One of the teachers had to hold a little girl who wept for part of the dance. My heart broke. But the teacher just carried her and danced with her in her arms and the little girl had quit crying by the end. One little boy simply walked off the stage. 

Gibson's group of four boys doing hip-hop was darling. I asked him later if he'd been nervous. He said he really was up until he got on the stage and then he was fine. Sounds like a born performer to me. 

Here's a few pictures. 

 Jason and his dancing babies.
Maggie was over it by then as you can clearly see.

Proud mama. Distracted Magnolia.

I love this picture. It's one of those rare snaps that just comes together. Maggie got tired of holding her flowers so I did it for her for awhile. 

After it was all over I went into Publix where I bought the canning jars I forgot yesterday. By the time I got home it was lunch time and after I ate I fell on the bed and slept for a few hours. I was worn out. When I got up I shelled some of my field peas, quickly realizing that I've been picking them too early which is a damn stupid rookie mistake but I managed to get a supper-sized portion out of them and they're simmering now. They'll be delicious. And most definitely tender. 

So that's what it's been like today. Dealing with the unmasked masses has taken just about everything out of me. It's so stressful even when you feel like you're dealing with it as best you can. I think that part of it is that everyone I see without a mask looks like a Trump supporter to me. That's how political this has gotten. And if not specifically a Trump supporter, then at least an ignorant human being who doesn't give a shit about his or her fellow human beings. And that's just as depressing. 

What the hell is wrong with this country? 
When did we become a nation of such non-caring, selfish, science-hating, lies-believing, racist assholes? 
I could probably go do some research in Tulsa tonight. 

Be well. I wish I could hug every one of you. Right after I hugged every one of my family members. 
But the way this is going, we're going to be in this mess for a long, long time. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I posted on the Wharton Chat FB page today about the 54 cases it took 3 months to attain here and that it had doubled in the next three weeks so please wear masks out in public. well, that hit a nerve, lots of people liking it which was good but of course the deniers came out in full force accusing me of fear mongering. this country is full of selfish assholes fer sure. and Texas every day has a record breaking number of cases reported. but yeah, gov't conspiracy.

    glad you got to see Maggie and Gibson's recital (and you look marvelous). Maggie got flowers and Gibson got greenery?

  2. No! Gibson had a rose!
    I will just admit that I am a fear-mongerer. Someone has to be.

  3. Up early and off to recital must have been challenging, but so good you were there to see them dance! Yes, I am amazed by the flippancy of so many people. Here, the *locals* are quite serious about protocols.....but alas, we live near the coast and the tourists (darn them) flock here in droves.....maskless and carrying on like there's no tomorrow. Pisses me off..... but you can't fix stupid, unfortunately. It's sad, and scary
    Susan M

    1. Well, not only are a large percentage of Floridians assholes, we also get waves and flocks and droves of tourists. We can't win. Our governor sure doesn't help things.

  4. Yes, you do look mavelus, dahling. I cannot believe you carry that much pocketbook around, though it is magnificent.
    Thank you for getting out of bed at some godforesaken hour to watch the children dance. You're the best.
    I'm thinking how this will end. There will be so many new serious cases that providers will be overwhelmed, and the sickos will be doing their own triage, and it won't be pretty. It will be a rough ride down.

    1. That picture was somehow magically flattering. Trust me. I don't really look that good.
      That bag is a backpack bag and I keep things in it like hand sanitizer. It's not really that heavy.
      I agree with you- I don't think we've seen nearly the worst of this yet.

  5. Dance recitals are wonderful! I remember going to my Granddaughter's recitals and loving it. Gibson and Maggie look so cute and I'm sure they did great. And speaking of looking cute - you look gorgeous in that beautiful dress!

    No more than about a quarter of the people around here wear masks.(if that many) The state opened up last week and since the start of June there has been a steady increase in cases. There will end up being another lockdown unless the officials are too stupid and stubborn to do it again, which is likely.

    1. Well, as I said to Joanne, that picture is way more flattering than reality.
      Now Maggie and Gibson WERE very cute. Adorable.
      I doubt our governor will order another lockdown no matter how high the cases go. He is a Trump asskisser and doesn't care at all, as far as I can see, about actual people dying.

  6. The top photo is EPIC!

    Maggie is growing so fast, she looks like a mini grown up in her adorable dancing gear!

    And YOU are simply fab- That blue is stunning too.
    Glad you got out for some "normal" activity, the kids probably worked so hard - important to have you there.

    1. That top photo was just a lucky shot. I could barely see what I was shooting because the sun was so bright.
      And Maggie does look like a little grown-up, doesn't she?
      All the kids did work hard and I'm glad they got a big crowd. I wish it had been a smarter crowd though.

  7. Wow, you look fab in that blue dress! I would love a Mary Moon hug.....sending one back from UK.

  8. That is a gorgeous picture, and you look sleek, beautiful and mermaid-like!

    1. I have no idea how that picture made me look as good as it did but...well, magic. I guess.

  9. Grand morning with the grands (well, except for the unmasked nitwits). Kids look like they enjoyed themselves. You're looking pretty great, too.

    1. The kids did seem to enjoy it. Maggie got a bit bored by the end but that's to be expected.

  10. masks are an issue here too. it seems the more north/ west you go in the state and/or the whiter the population gets, the less people wear masks. i'm with you. we leave the house when we have to, and we wear masks, and i'm trying to wrap my head around teaching with PPE on, starting as early as july....



    1. Oh god. You'll probably be wearing a mask to teach. Yep. That's not going to be fun or easy.
      I also noticed that the few black folks who were there were wearing masks. I appreciated that.

  11. I love the picture of you with Gibson and Magnolia. That is a terrific shot. Sounds like a good (if hot and occasionally frustrating) day!

    1. It was a good shot, wasn't it?
      And it was a good day but yes, very hot, very frustrating.

  12. I live in a mask observant place I guess. Not exactly the rep you expect in NJ. But I see them everywhere. Glad to say. On the other hand we've begun to plateau after one of the worst outbreaks in the US. Everyone knows people who've had it, even died from it. Perhaps that makes it real.

    1. Yeah. I think that IS what makes it real. How damn sad that we have to have lost someone to realize the danger.

  13. Tennessee sausage. Good breakfast sausage and maple syrup are two of the things that make America great. Jenny

  14. I adore that photo of you in the blue dress with those cool looking kids around you.

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