Wednesday, January 2, 2019

To Be Fair...

It's our last full day here and we've just had our breakfast. I was in a nothing-sort of mood. Just feeling flat. And the Sergio came over and asked if we were leaving tomorrow. I told him we were and he said that he'll be off tomorrow so...
And I started crying and I couldn't eat my breakfast and as always as our time grows so short, I'm just a damn mess. 
Still can't upload pictures here. I suppose when I get home I'll post a million of them. 
I know you can't wait. 

I keep thinking that reading these posts, people might think that Cozumel is perfect beyond all expectations but of course it isn't and I'd hate for anyone to come here just on my words only to find that it is not entirely Edenic. Let's see. What might people find annoying? 
You have to put your toilet paper in a trash can. 
That's right. You cannot flush it. 
Well, you could but they sure don't want you to. 

There is a lot of trash in places. 
Just like Lloyd. 

When the cruise ships are in port the areas near the docks and downtown are a freaking crowded mess. A bazillion tourists walking about day-drinking and heading towards the Starbucks and Victoria's Secret across from the port and every little and big shop trying to get their share of cruiser dollars. Of course, if you get off the streets that the cruise companies deem as "safe" it's not a problem. 

The traffic is crazy. Every time you get on a scooter you are taking your life in your hands. That's just the way it is. And people do have accidents. Every day. However, no one forces you to rent a scooter and if you take taxis, the thrill is still there but the danger factor is lessened. 

All right- here's a huge complaint I have- many places seem to have almost eliminated the peppers in the pico de gallo to make it more palatable to the gringo tastebud, I guess. This does truly suck. 

And...well, you know- it's Mexico. Meaning that things can be pretty random. And different from where you live. Unless you live in Mexico. Blessedly, this does not bother me in the least. I cherish the differences and think that we would be smart to adopt some of them. But let me say that if you get bacon with your breakfast one day and don't the next, that is just the way it is. Eat your eggs and get on with it. 

I've discussed endlessly the beautiful things about Cozumel and I am sure I do not know a tenth of them. The water, the sky, the laid-back atmosphere. But the best part for me is always the people. They are beautiful and exceptionally hard-working and friendly and kind and funny and creative and adaptive and they love their children and each other. It is not uncommon at all to see older couples strolling about holding hands. And never once, not ONCE, even when I was a young and pretty thing, have I ever felt the slightest vibe of inappropriate sexual behavior. 
There is no denying the sensuality but it is so sweet. 
I have no doubt that horrible things happen here. The Cozumelenos are human. There must be crimes of passion. There is alcoholism. There is poverty. 
But I have never seen two local people arguing, much less fighting. 
I have seen two instances of a man hitting a woman here- both time American tourists. 

Well. Time to get on with this day. I am not sure what we're doing. A little shopping perhaps. Here is what I've bought to bring home so far: a few spices from the grocery store and two kitchen towels and a candle. 
The end. 
I may buy Maggie a dress because it is almost her birthday. 
Or maybe not. 
I am a terrible grandmother. 

Anyway, I just wanted to give a more fair and balanced view of this place I love so much but since I do love it so much, I'm not even sure that's possible. But I've tried. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We do the toilet paper in the trash here in Belize, too. It quickly becomes the norm when you live here. Looking forward to your photos. Safe travels home.

  2. I know exactly how you feel, Mary. Only my happy place is on the Gulf Coast of Florida. When we see the St. Pete sign I can literally feel my blood pressure dropping. We winter outside a town called Palmetto, and our place is two miles (through a nature preserve and a harbor) from the Gulf. Yes, the traffic in town is horrendous, and the summers here are almost unbearable. But stepping foot on the beach, and seeing and hearing the turquoise waves are mind-blowing, and sitting on my patio some evenings, watching the sea fog roll in is other-worldly. My goal is to sell everything we own up north and buy a place where my Dad can live with us. Unless one has truly found their Heaven on Earth, they won't get it. Enjoy!

  3. You gave a very balanced assessment IMO. Our Youngest Daughter and her Family live in Mexico permanently and have for a long time, she loves it there and would only ever come back to America on vacation. Her teaching me how to walk across any street in a Mexican City was like some challenge on Fear Factor tho', you just step out and walk, only NEVER in front of the Buses... it's kinda like Moses parting the Red Seas, somehow you make it to the other side, but nothing short of a Miracle every time! I mostly did it with my Eyes closed and holding tightly to her Hand, I just couldn't look at what we were embarking upon to get to the other side with traffic swarming! *LOL* I know how hard it is to leave any beautiful place, bittersweet. I'm glad you've taken us along virtually, with The Man's illness and disability I haven't been able to get back to Mexico for almost a decade!

  4. Thanks for the reminder that there’s no Eden, but it’s wonderful to have our own special place that we love and appreciate.

    I’m thinking “I’m a terrible grandmother” may be the funniest and most outlandish statement you’ve ever published on your blog!!!

  5. A little embroidered dress for Maggie. I can see her in it now.

  6. " I'm a terrible grandmother." Not in a bazillion years, Mary Moon, although that did make me chuckle...

  7. An old and dear art gallery owner friend retired to Mexico, years ago, with his husband.San Miguel. I could not understand why at the time, but he sounds just like you. I figured it out.

  8. Terrible grandmother? Hardly
    Susan M

  9. Dear Mary, you know I rarely comment, but one thing I know, is that you are a fine grandmother. You remind me of my own.

  10. I have so much catching up to do on the blog that it'll feel like a vacation for me. I think I will stay in touch with the part of Cozumel that is very perfect and forget about the garbage and the lack of daily bacon.

  11. sounds to me like most the problems are caused one way or another by tourists. and no shit, a Victoria's Secret in Cozumel? why go to Mexico if you're just going to go to Starbucks and VS?

    enjoy your last day woman. and happy new year.

  12. There are always two sides. And yes, tourists tends to ruin things. I'm sure you'll be happy to be home with your grandkids and chickens. Take care.

  13. I like your balanced account. It's always good to offer a realistic view of things. It's interesting that the worst-behaved people you've seen have been tourists! Travel can be stressful and sometimes it doesn't bring out the best in people.


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