Monday, January 7, 2019

She Says She's Four

Well, Magnolia June is well and truly three now although she says she is four.
"No, Maggie, you're three," her mother told her.
"No I am not!" said Magnolia June. Her mama made her a unicorn cake and it was gorgeous.

There was salad and pizza and two uncles, two aunts, an almost-aunt Rachel, two grandmas, three cousins, a mama, a daddy, and two brothers.

Just about perfect for a three-year old birthday.
There were presents, of course. When I left, Maggie was trying to put together an ice cream cart that Uncle Hank and Rachel had gotten her. She was doing better with it than I would have.
Trust me.
I took it upon myself today to fold up and put away the Pack'n'Play that all of my grands except for Levon have outgrown and I couldn't figure the damn thing out and now it's laying there in a tangled angled mess on the floor.

Anyway, it was just a very sweet birthday and if you want to read about the day Maggie was born, you can find that post HERE.

A sweet picture from that day three years ago.

Being able to be at the births of my grandchildren has truly been the greatest honor of my life. Our whole family has felt connected and bonded from that first moment of life and I truly think that's one of the reasons we're all so close.

Mr. Moon couldn't make it to the party. That man is sick. Some sort of cold or sinus infection but he feels terrible and of course he worked all day long. You know how people joke about "man colds," insinuating that men are wussies when it comes to being sick? I wish my husband were a little more like that because when I get sick I feel guilty if I just stay in bed and sleep because he never does. I suppose he either picked it up in Mexico or far more likely, on a plane or in an airport.

Steve Reed said that he'd love to see a picture of all of the chickens if that was even possible.
It may be possible, theoretically, but I couldn't do it this morning. I did get this one.

That's most of them. 

So it's been a good day and I got a few things done and this morning it really hit me that no, I was not going to get up and drink coffee and look at the Caribbean in worship and in wonder. 
There may have been a tear. 
But I was here to see Maggie turn three and I am glad of that. 
Among so many other things. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy birthday dear Magnolia June. I remember how breathlessly you were awaited and the joy when you were born. ♥️

    1. Baby-being-born days are the very, very best days of all.

  2. Happy birthday darling Maggie! I remember when you first became a grandmother Mary, how quickly time passes. Welcome back and Much love.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! Time does pass so very quickly.

  3. Happy Birthday Maggie! My husband's niece gave birth to a baby boy today and when I heard the news I immediately thought how he has the same birthday as Mary Moon's granddaughter. :)

    I hope Mr. Moon feels better soon. Tell that man to rest!

    1. Hurray for babies born on Maggie's birthday! Congratulations.
      Glen will not rest. That is not in him.

  4. May she have a long and wondrous life.

  5. Maggie has been divine since the day she was born, born of your divine daughter who was born of divine YOU.

    1. Oh, Elizabeth! That's the sweetest. Thank you!

  6. Maggie is such a character! Happy Birthday. I can't wait to see what she's like as she grows.

  7. Happy birthday Magnolia June! (Didn't Kurt Vonnegut write a book with a similar title -- yes, looking it up online, I now see that he wrote, "Happy Birthday, Wanda June." For what that's worth.)

    LOVE the chicken picture! I think sixteen is close enough to all of them to count. :)

  8. Seethe still trying to comment. Maggie is glorious. Link to her birth not working xxx


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