Sunday, July 9, 2017

We didn't raft down a river today because Jessie has a pretty bad cold and just didn't feel up to it but we had a beautiful day anyway. We drove through gorgeous mountains, up and up and around hairpin turns with drop offs that would surely lead to death if a second's inattention occurred. We stopped at a state park and got out and hiked up a nice little rocky trail which August managed like a mountain goat. We reached what they call a bald which is where we spread our sheet and ate our picnic and basked in the cool sunny air. 
I felt as if I were Julie Andrews and should spread wide my arms and skirts and bust into a chorus of The Hills Are Alive but I did not. 

We packed up and went back down the trail through the ferns and rhododendrons and then drove to another park where we got out and Mr. Moon and Vergil and I swam in the most heavenly river. 

The water was cold but not too cold and it was splendid in all regards. After I got in I thanked Vergil for sharing this with us. It could not have been a more perfect dip. Jessie stayed in the car and rested and August took his nap. I felt so bad for her. I came back to spell her and she did go down to the water but just didn't feel like getting in. 
See that guy beside the blue tube? He informed me that he was really, really stoned. I felt honored that he had shared that with me.

We drove back to Asheville and got our supper and then we dropped Jessie and Vergil and August back at their house and now we're at the AirBnB sitting outside watching the night come in. I am exhausted and bedtime will come early tonight. Tomorrow's plans are up in the air but we are going to Jessie's midwife appointment with her in the morning. 

So. Another day. Another day with our little shining boy who is happy almost every second of the day and his beautiful shining parents. 

The lightening bugs are coming out. 

And oh! Here are some of the blooming rhododendrons we saw today. 

North Carolina may have some pretty severe problems, politically but it will also catch your heart. It is gorgeous. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Nice photos for a sweet day. I hope you have many more and a good night's rest.

  2. That first photo is a framer, in my opinion. Simply beautiful!

    Yes, North Carolina is a lovely state if you ignore the politics. The mountains would be a great place to spend the summer!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm ready to move there tomorrow, granted Vergil draw me a map of all the great places to hike with the Catahooligan.

  4. This is a perfect summertime post! I will be searching for this one again, say, in February. Our rhodies have been spent for about four weeks now but this year they were also as exceptional as those in NC. What a wonderful and welcomed vaca!

  5. Oh poor Jessie. I hope she gets over her cold soon. Perhaps she needs a day of just lying on the couch, while her beautiful parents take care of Austin, and her. That mountain lake looks amazing.

  6. REally great pictures Mary!!! Curious about the stoner. What does one respond to such a statement? Hope Jessie is feeling better. So happy for you. A glorious visit!!

  7. sounds beautiful. so Jessie's mid-wife is in Asheville? won't she be having the baby at home? as in Florida? They're just in Asheville for the summer, right?

    1. Hi Ellen. I've seen a midwife up here in Asheville a couple of times this summer just to get checked on and to have a referral for the ultrasound that we had. She was my sister-in-law's midwife and is just precious and a joy to see. But I will be staying with Diana, my Tallahassee midwife when we return in August. I just like to have a midwife wherever I go, i guess. :)

  8. I hope Jessie is feeling better today...

  9. I hope Jessie is feeling better. Summer colds should be banned.

    A couple weeks back I was so stoned I thought I was going to get sucked into my iPad. I was watching Friends on Netflix and it looked so real, like I could pick them up or just go in head first. It was actually a little freaky and I had to keep telling myself over and over that I was just stoned. Actually, it was a lot freaky. Won't be doing that again.

  10. Gosh. I haven't swum in a river in so long I can't remember what it's like. I'd like to, though.

  11. It's so funny -- I was thinking "Sound of Music" when I saw that top photo -- and then you mentioned the similarity. It really does look like that!


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