Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Know Nothing

What are we going to do? It has become obvious, even to the most blinded of Republican lawmakers that their president is not fit to lead the nation. I'm no doctor and I'm not a psychologist but it would seem to me that whatever form of dementia the man has is getting worse. His Tweets have always been ridiculous and immature but now they are degrading with frightening rapidity.
"Dumb as a rock"? Really? This is how a 70-something year old man speaks? Writes? Let's not even bother throwing in the fact that he's the president.
Whatever's going on is scary and how do we, as a nation, deal with it? Obviously his handlers can't handle him. He's not the King. He is an elected official, just like your local tax collector, your local city commissioner. I suppose our founding fathers never quite envisioned a situation like this although I do realize there are some protections put in place for incompetency. Who is going to start the process to use these protections?

I don't know. I just know that it's way past obvious that the Emperor not only is naked but that he's afraid, unhinged, and not mentally fit to run a convenience store, much less a country. And I'm scared.
I can only imagine how the people who have to try and inform him on national and international security must feel every day.
What really scares me though, is the idea that Steve Bannon and his ilk have no desire whatsoever to lose their puppet.
Oh dear god.

So this is what I'm thinking about today and also wondering why there is one guinea hen in my yard who appears to be lost, and trying to get it up enough to go to Publix. I just don't feel like doing anything. I think maybe I don't feel very good. Plain and simple. Mr. Moon is packing up and getting ready to go to the coast for his fishing trip. I think I'll just be lazy today after I get my errands run. Maybe just read.

I wish I'd quit dreaming about my mother.

And so it goes.


  1. I keep hoping that our democracy is strong enough to survive this but a certain political party has been undermining it for 20 years and now they are attacking our voting rights, one of our basic rights as Americans, that everyone gets to vote and we get to do it in secret. Trump is going to use that info for retaliation and my shit head of a governor is going to hand over not only our private information but our voting records as well. I'm more and more convinced that a good deal of republicans are intent on bringing this country and our government down. they'd get rid of the constitution if they could. and they are trying.

  2. I believe he really IS a puppet, and is too narcissistic to see it. I think he was put into place for someone else's agenda, and once it's accomplished he'll be cast aside. I just hope and pray that the agenda isn't to bring our country to its knees.

  3. I read on another blog, "Dear god, if he had been president during the Cuban crisis..."
    I keep thinking I should call my mom. It's been twenty years...

  4. The republican-led congress will not begin proceedings against him because as demented as he is, he knows so little about governing he can be manipulated. they are pursuing their own agendas, and those agendas mean no one well but the rich. I hope they all fucking go down with the ship. But I also fear that our election machines may already be compromised, and there are fronts we don't even know to fight on. sometimes i feel hopeless. sometimes i feel fierce. my god, how did we get here. sadly, i know how. i love you. please just read today, and take it slow. imagining you doing that makes me happy somehow.

  5. I bumped into a friend in the grocery yesterday , I loved her attitude and thought of you...she has two little baby children, and that is her focus. There is nothing we can do about this nations sudden demise and the folly in the now very dangerous white house. The Koch bros have shifted billions into the next election, I see no way that this democracy will survive. Just love your babies, eat good pickles and live your lovely life. I must leave the country for a while, I have no babies to love...

  6. If I ever get to live in the country, one of my fist orders of business will be to get a flock of guinea fowl. I think they're fabulous in so many ways and I hate ticks.

    I have a FB friend I used to work with, and we have many things in common, but politics is not among them. Her posts are a glimpse into people thinking he isn't so bad - and many of her friends are pro-45. We are speaking completely different languages, living completely different realities. It's sociologically fascinating, but there are tangible things that terrify me - like the NRA's push against protests and how people have bought into that. Like the real voter suppression that's been going on. And so on. I am gathering my strength and wits about me because I need to figure out what I can do and then do it as hard as I can.


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