Thursday, July 6, 2017

After a fairy tale of a drive Mr. Moon and I are at the Graduate Hotel in Athens, Georgia. We took almost all back roads to get here, many of them two lanes and went through gorgeous farm land, tiny towns with jewel box houses and yards, story-book churches, and bustin' at the buttons proud little downtowns. 

That's where we ate our lunch. It was delicious. 

We saw no hate signs, no signs warning us that we would fry in hell if we didn't accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and not one Trump sign. 

We saw cows and horses and donkeys and flowers and pecan groves and our winding, meandering route took us right through Hard Labor Creek State Park which was beautiful with forests and cabins and horse trails. 

At one point we were merrily driving down a road when this happened. 

We laughed and found an alternate route. 

It was magical. 

I feel so lucky. We had no time frame and no worries about anything and we had so many laughs and I read a Larry McMurtry book out loud when I wasn't too busy looking around. 

Now we're going to find our supper and all is well and I hope it is with you too. 
It is good to travel, it is good to wander, it is good to be lost but not really. It is good to remember that no matter where you go, there you are. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So glad the Trump signs have finally come down. America is waking up. And you found the only Mexican place in town, didn't you. Fairy tale road trips with your lover are the best.

    1. It's funny but every one of these small towns have a Mexican restaurant and they are all good. What a great day!

  2. All wonderful, can't wait til you kiss up that August and post pix❤️

  3. that's the way we like to travel too, on the back roads.

  4. the artist formerly known as MagnumJuly 7, 2017 at 10:52 AM

    We just tracked those same back roads home from Asheville, through Athens, etc. It was nice, less stressful than the interstate by far, but we hit the hipster bbq places instead - anyone willing to challenge the status quo of bbq in the south gets my cash every time!
    have fun!

  5. That is my kind of traveling. I love a good wander on back roads, as you know. I'm trying to think about how to talk my mom into taking back roads to Savannah next week!

  6. Great pics! Nothing like being on wandering to make you feel alive and awake and happy. XXOO


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