Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Day In The (Tiny) Life

I have been a fucking DO-MESTIC goddess today.
Well, in my world. And trust me- the bar is set pretty low.
And like I said, I did not move very fast but I did keep moving.
Hen house- cleaned!
Kitchen floor- mopped! Twice! (It could use another go-over but hey- let's not lose our minds.)
Garden- green bean vines mostly pulled and given to goats and to chickens. Some weeding done. Some mulching with chicken-shit hay done. A few of these little fuckers picked:

Not many. I had forgotten how tenaciously edamame pods want to stay on the vine. Plus- too hot. Hot, hot, hot and not in a Marilyn Monroe way. 
Whatever they charge for an appetizer of steamed edamame in sushi restaurants is a bargain. 
Trust me. 
I did laundry. I cleaned and reorganized the utensil drawer. I threw away a bunch of stuff which has been living there for years for no apparent reason. BUH-BYE!
I took trash and recycle. 
I found another new-hen egg. 
And, I found this picture on the internet while I was taking a break. 

It was taken at Studio 54 and honey, that's history right there. 
I sort of love Keith in his bad-teeth years. Here it would appear that he had gotten new front teeth but said fuck-it to the back ones. Can you imagine the partying that went on in those days? No. No you cannot and neither can I. 
Well, maybe you can. How would I know?
And of course dear John is dead and so is James Brown whose teeth were magnificent! 

Well, I better get in my kitchen which smells so fabulously of Fabuloso and white vinegar and make some supper. 

This is such a boring post. I am sorry. I will try to do better soon. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ok so now I'm EXHAUSTED reading all of the domestic Goddess duties you accomplished and I feel like a total slacker now so evidently my bar is set so low you couldn't limbo under it if you tried! Bravo for accomplishing so much and I Loved the Blast from the Past Photo! I also buy my Edamame at any price, usually from Trader Joe's, because it just seemed too high maintenance to try to grow and harvest... and now I know it IS!

  2. you out sashay me quite often Ms Moon. I did nothing yesterday, well except I plucked every single banana pepper off those 4 plants and had a basket full. I am pulling the those plants up today. we cannot eat even a tiny fraction of the peppers they are producing and they just go in the compost.

  3. I must say my domestic opportunities are not nearly so varied and colorful as yours. So no, definitely not a boring post. I'm impressed by your industry!


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