Wednesday, July 5, 2017

News Of The Day

Goodness gracious! An hour ago I was thinking about turning the sprinklers on the garden and suddenly a storm has blown in and it smells of ozone and the rain is falling down in huge, fat drops and plenty of them and the thunder is rumbling all around.
In other words- HEAVEN!
There are two things that truly make me want to say, Thank you, JESUS! like a whacked out preacher on speed and spirit and those two things are babies being born healthy and squalling, and rain storms on a summer afternoon.
Y'all, it is coming down!

So. Believe it or not, I am almost packed for Asheville. For once I am not stressing out about this at all. I'm simply putting all the linen dresses and a few other things in a suitcase and all of my underwear in an old hippie bag and most of my toiletries are packed as well. I'm going to get to hug and kiss on my August! And my Jessie. That baby inside of her needs to hear my voice and feel my touch on that watery home of his.
And you know what? I am looking forward to hugging our beloved Vergil, too.
Lord, I love that family.

I love all my family so much that it almost hurts. I was a terrible grandmother today and let Owen burn himself. We went to a buffet and he wanted some wonton soup and I stood there and let him dip the ladle and serve himself, thinking the whole time, "I have to let him do it himself."
He was so careful and so focused but he spilled some of the hot broth on his hand and it burned him.
"Oh, honey!" I said. "Are you all right?"
He said he was but that he wanted to go to the restroom to wash it off and off he ran. In a little while, his mama went to check on him and he was in there by himself, crying.
Oh my god. My heart broke. I didn't realize it was that bad of a burn.
He came back to the table and kept his hand in some ice water and soon he was fine and eating his noodles and chicken-on-a-stick but I still felt horrible.

Here's a picture that Hank took of me and my Magnolia who was happy as could be, eating watermelon and noodles and sweet potatoes and green beans and...well, everything. She especially likes it when I offer her food from a chopstick. She opens her little bird mouth and in goes the morsel and she chews and swallows.
"More?" she says.

She is just at the most precious age. Every time she sees me it's like she had never expected to see me again. 
"MerMer!" she says, almost in a sigh, as if seeing me is her heart's delight. 
She has learned to pucker up her lips for a kiss and she will gladly kiss us all, one after the other, leaning forward with those rosebud lips, all set and ready for a smack. 
You can't imagine how good she feels. Everything about her is so plump and firm and juicy and squishy and perfect. I am afraid that if I had advanced dementia, I would mistake her for a peach and try to take a bite. 

Speaking of which, did you see this?

Honestly, I am not laughing. This is not funny. This is serious as it can possibly be. Look- I worry about my own mind these days. Every glitch or moment of forgetfulness is held up and examined for signs of possible dementia and I will admit that sometimes I can't find my car in the parking lot of Costco but I am pretty sure that I would not have missed the huge limousine that I ran into at the bottom of the stairway of the airplane. Also? I do not have to figure out what to do about North Korea.
Oh my god. This is some scary shit.


The rain is still falling, but gently. I am going to make our supper and then after one more sleep (said the grandmother) we shall be leaving for Asheville. We're going to spend tomorrow night in Athens because we can and because it'll make the drive so much easier and it will only take a few hours from there to get to see our August, and I will squish him up and hug him up and kiss him up and it will be as fine and joyful as it can be.

Mr. Moon and Ms. Moon are hitting the road.
I am so very much looking forward to that.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh poor Owen! My heart broke too. But I know he's fine and he knows he is loved and so the burn will soon be forgotten. How exciting that you'll get to see your other loves soon. Drive safe and take lots of pictures when you get there. Love.

  2. I am so sorry for Owen, though he is already on the mend...Wishing you and Mr. Moon a wonderful trip!

  3. Poor Owen. I recently grabbed the HOT handle to an iron skillet and my brain immediately said, "This is gonna be BAD!" I put it in cold water but was still really hurting, then remembered I had just read about regular old mustard being a treatment for burns and I swear to god it worked like a miracle! Instant relief and no blister or even pinkness the next day. I've read that soy sauce is good too but have not tried that one.
    Yes, healthy babies and rain are the truest blessings.
    Wishing you a safe and happy trip. Enjoy!

  4. I believe that man was sundowning. We are so doomed.

  5. I had refused to watch that video until your post, and I am actually laughing which I know isn't "nice," but it was the music that did it. Not that horrible man who shouldn't be made fun of for having some sort of dementia but rather because you just can't make up this shit.

  6. Have an incredible trip. Send us lots of pics or August and his parents and you and Mr Moon. Owen will be fine but his crying alone made me sad. I could nibble Maggie too! Enjoy!

  7. We have to let them do it themselves even though sometimes they will get burned. This is the hard thing to accept.

    Oh, Owen, though - that impulse to go hide his crying... poor baby.

  8. you were not a bad grandma, Owen does need to do things for himself even if he does get a little burn. as for Trump, how do you not see the big limo right in front of you? I keep reading that the investigations have him and his rotten family and friends by the balls but I wish they would hurry up. and as long as I'm wishing, I wish it would rain here.

  9. Oh Mary! That video and yes he might be sundowning but I wonder if I might be too. But ugh what a terrifying man he is stupid with too much power never ends well. There is nothing I love more than a summer storm though my baby tomatoes disagree. Love and have a fun time in Asheville. Give that Little golden Buddha a kiss for me.

  10. I hope you're having a good trip! I could see how you'd feel bad about the burn, but I don't think it was exactly your fault, and I'm sure he'll be fine. That storm was probably the same system that grounded me in Charlotte!


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