Thursday, July 20, 2017

Can She Bake A Mango Pie?

I have one in the oven and it is beautiful in its formative stage, it's raw stage.

(Just wondering- is raw cookie dough considered a "raw food"? Like if you're on a raw food diet?)

Anyway, the deal is, a lot of my mangoes and all of the peaches I had in the house were going way too soft way too fast so I cut them up and added a few frozen cherries for excitement and tartness and added sugar and cornstarch and poured the goopy concoction into that pie shell I made. 
With my own hands. 
It'll probably just end up being a mess but I've tried. 
And if it's good, well, it'll be very, very good. 
I think.

I believe I've just been tired today. I haven't done much. I blanched and froze a few vegetables and while that sounds like something, it ain't much. I hung clothes on the line. I brought them in. I picked a few beans and peas and okra. That was enough time outside for me. 
Mr. Moon came home and said, "I can't take this heat. I just can't."
I said, "Me either."
"Let's move to Canada," he said. 
"I can't take the cold, either," I said, rolling out my pie crust. 

What to do, what to do?

I have also made some bread with asiago cheese, rosemary, and black olives. Do you know how easy it is for me to cook and bake? It's like rolling over in my sleep and adjusting the pillow without waking up. That's how easy it is. 

I slept for two hours this afternoon. Deep, heavy sleep. I dreamed again but this time things were random. I was telling someone that I was not the sort of person to live in a dorm. I instructed another person on how to download audio books from her library. I was helping people pack and we were all going to leave on a journey. 
"Let's just eat the rest of that pizza," I said. "Then we won't have to put it in anything and carry it."
I was a little-miss-know-it-all in those dreams, wasn't I?
I've always been bossy. 
But I think that was good advice about the pizza. 


Summer's dog days and honestly, we may not even be there yet but I am. I just want to dig a hole under the porch in the cool, damp black earth and lay down and scratch my fleas in my sleep. 

Sleep and food seem to be the theme of today. 

Well. We all need both. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That pie is a thing of beauty. I love you.

  2. I can't wait to hear how the pie turned out! Yum!

    I took a good nap this afternoon, too. All I want to do on these miserably hot summer afternoons is sleep. My husband and I talk about moving north, too.

  3. Mango pie! Why have I never eaten that! Please take pictures of the finished pie and report in on how it tastes. Yum.

  4. I love pie crust and that bread, oh my💖. My thing is carbs unfortunately. I've never had ever heard of a mango pie but why not? Mango is so good. I hope you sleep peacefully tonight. I didn't take my morning walk and I'm contemplating skipping my evening walk too. It's hot and Ollie is on my lap kneading me and it feels good.

  5. I made a mango clafoutis a couple of weeks ago. So simple and wonderfully delicious. We had a bumper crop of mangos this year. I cut up a bunch and just froze them straight up in ziploc bags. Now I am using them as ice cubes in my wine. ;-) It is fantastic. Give it a try. Your pie looks wonderful.

  6. Mango pie! Sounds delish! Years ago I made a nectarine pie, which was so damned good....then saw a recipe for it a year later. I thought I'd created it myself! As for the heat, here in the humid hell that is Illinois, today's high was 103. Tomorrow's forecast is 104 and Saturday's is 107. My forecast is A/C, egg salad sammiches and sweet tea.

  7. The pie!!! Holy crap that sounds good. The heat!!! Unbearable. Suffered one of the worst nights a few nights ago and vowed to head for higher ground or stay where we can crank up the AC. XXOO

  8. it would never have occurred to me to make a mango pie. as for the dog days, not yet as least by the calendar but it is not and hot outside. I'd move too, somewhere, if I could find a place that did not get hot hot but did not get cold either and if I could drag all my family there with me.

  9. Wow...Let us know how that mouth is watering.

  10. Yes, it's the scorch of summer here too. In the hundreds this week. I could do with Augusts that were more like May.

    And please, how did the pie taste?

  11. It's not cold where I live. It rarely gets below freezing. So yes, move to Canada. Bring your kids and grandkids. Sometimes I wish I had the money to sponsor a family from the US to move here for real.
    Is raw cookie dough considered a raw food? I'm going to go with a yes!

  12. That pie DOES look amazing.

    I don't think you're alone in lamenting the heat! You and Mr. Moon could be snowbirds but in reverse. (Heatbirds?)


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