Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Heart

We are leaving Asheville after our breakfast with Jessie and Vergil and August. We ate at the wonderful real people restaurant called Five Points and I tried to keep my tears held back the whole time. August was his merry self, eating bits and pieces of everything and sharing generously as he does. He handed me a little butter package that he'd put a strawberry bite in and I ate the sweet fruit and returned the little cup with a few tiny bites of bacon in it in trade. 
He ate the bacon. 
It has been every kind of magic and I'm pretty sure my heart is three sizes bigger than it was. 
All precious and magnicent and perfect sweetness. 
We will see them again soon and now I'm on my way south with my love driving me through the mountains. We are going to take our time. 
Anna reports that Dottie hatched three eggs yesterday and that is another sweetness and another reason to go home and I have missed those other grand babies and my other children too and I will be glad to put my arms around all of them again. 
What a life. What an amazing good life. 
And I know it to my bones. 


  1. This is every kind of magic. Safe travels home. Grandchicks!

  2. life is good, isn't it? as long as we know what to focus on.

  3. Dottie hatched three eggs?! That's awesome! I don't remember your chickens ever hatching eggs before, but maybe they did and I just forgot. I can't wait to see the chicks! I'm so glad everything has gone so well with your family. August will be back in Florida soon. :)


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