Sunday, July 2, 2017

This Sunday Did Not Suck

Dang but it's been a good day. I had such a good time with Lily and Owen and Gibson and Maggie and Billy and Shayla and Waylon. We ate pancakes and quiche and watermelon like we were getting paid. Oh, and bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Funny how often I make too many pancakes but never, ever do I cook too much bacon.

We went outside and the kids fed the goats various leaves and vines and Owen climbed his tree.

Gibson is strong enough to hold the tree branch for the goats now!

Once we'd all thoroughly been exposed to malaria and Zika and got tired of smashing mosquitoes we came back in and had a pickle tasting. 

Billy ate about half a pint of bread and butters and Owen ate about a pint of dills. Lily liked the dilled green beans the best. I like the curried pickles the best. I swear to you, I am obsessed with making pickles. It's like I don't even want to open them or give them away because I just like to open the cabinet and see them, shining like little jewels in their tidy mason jars. I'm like Scrooge McDuck, opening his bank vault to see all of his golden coins.  
Of course I really do want to open them and of course I want to give them away but I wish I could eat my pickles and have them too. 

After everyone left I went out and spent another miserable hour picking the garden and getting mosquito bit but hell if I'm going to let this bounty get away from me.

And guess what? I have five more pints of dilled cukes and beans in the canner right now. It's all about to be over. You really do not want to know how many worms I cut through when I was slicing my cucumbers. Don't worry. I washed the knife every time and could there be a better chicken treat than a worm in a cucumber?
I don't think so. 

So all of that and some laundry too and Mr. Moon is home. He did not get to go fishing due to boat motor problems so he spent most of his time cutting the grass on our lot down in Apalach (he trailered the mower- yes, he did) and then picking up every twig and leaf, I am sure. 
He is exhausted. 

I'm pretty tired too but I still have a lot to do before bed time. And once again, I am just grateful as hell that I have the energy to do what I love to do. 
And grateful as hell that I had a Sunday filled with laughter and sweetness and Maggie kisses and a Waylon hug and Owen discussions and Gibson's own special hugs that are like no other. 

I'm a pretty happy Mer. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Holy smokes I love me some dilly beans. You are the real deal Mary Moon ❤️❤️❤️

  2. How i wish i could come get lessons from you in how to jar these things. My Sweetie has his mother's recipe for a red chow chow and he swears it is heaven on earth and i'm afraid to try to make it because i do not want to ruin a whole bushel of home grown tomatoes by doing it wrong. There are disadvantages to growing up in a city.

  3. Your homegrown veggies delight me as do your babies, your cat and you🦋🌺🌸

  4. I may have to learn to can. used some of my tomatoes I froze and they had turned to water and a kind of sludge. what the heck! I don't remember that happening the other times I froze fresh tomatoes.

  5. I love the image of you hoarding your rows of shining jars! I picture you bathed in a celestial pickle light shining from the cupboard when you open it.
    The mosquitoes though... I'm always struck through with horror at the thought. And you think you couldn't live in a cold country! You're much braver than I am... how, with all the technology we've innovated and amassed at this stage of our evolution, can we not somehow keep the mosquitoes away?


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