Monday, July 31, 2017

It's That Day

There are so many golden orb weaver spiders around my house and on my porches right now. They are coming into their maturity and some of them are huge, as are their webs but this one I found on my walk this morning, seemingly dangling by one leg from her anchor line stretched between dog fennel and beauty bush on either side of the path. An aerialist of the finest kind. A wind-dancer, a spinner of silk and beauty.

It is the day which happens every year, sometimes in July, sometimes in August. The day in which the first breeze hinting of fall blesses us. The humidity is down to somewhere around sixty percent, which for us is a dramatic difference from our regular summer days where the humidity ranges around the eighty percent mark.
Or higher.
And the sky is that clear, cerulean blue, the trees' full-summer green against it so sharp, so beautiful.

Here are the beauty berries, forming up to soon become that color of mulberries and cream which I adore so.

The seasons pass through all of their stages and it is with such pleasure that I observe and notice the changes, both infinitesimal and striking, sometimes sudden and more often, a slow and lingering process which requires foreknowledge of the things to come to actually notice. 

I feel so much better today. I took a walk and enjoyed every step. Butterflies are darting among the last summer blossoms, dragonflies flit and dart, the leaves dance in this breeze like children set free to music, choosing their own particular steps and moves, a grace, a goodness. 

We may have received this gift of weather today because of a storm in the Gulf, Tropical Storm Emily. This is often the way of it. We are solidly into hurricane season which can bring so many surprises, some good, some so very terrifying. 
Life is like that, isn't it? 

And that is North Florida today. It will be murderously hot and humid again- perhaps tomorrow- but for right now, it is lovely and all we have to do to be reminded that the season will change again is to go outside and breathe it in, to feel, to see, to hear the slower, gentler sound of the crickets, even to smell the changes although we may not even be able to consciously recognize those. Our human animal brain registers it all if we simply let it. 

No matter what is going on in this world, for this one day right here, everything feels right and good as the spiders spin, the light tilts towards autumn, the leaves appear to nod and dance, the air is gentle. 

I am paying attention with all of my heart. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's the same kind of day here in South Carolina too. Cooler, less humid, blue skies...just perfect. Days like this make you happy to be alive, don't they? :) I'm glad you're enjoying the same wonderful weather in Florida.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Seems like a lot of us are getting this beautiful weather. Isn't it nice?

  2. "Drawing in!" It's happening everywhere! At least in the Northern Hemisphere.

  3. Those days of contentment with the world seem few and far apart, but your description of your feelings today make me hopeful.

    1. On my days of contentment I am ridiculously grateful. I am sure that you are too. May you get a few soon.

  4. It is that kind of day in New York, too, warm but not humid, a gentle breeze in the shade. It feels like grace.


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