Saturday, July 1, 2017

Good Advice

There. Some zinnias. So far only the purples and violets and pinks are blooming. I sure hope I get some reds and yellows soon.
Next year I'm going to plant a hell of a lot more zinnias.

Life is short.

Plant zinnias.


  1. I love zinnias. They are so cheerful.

  2. They're one of my favorite flowers. You can never have too many.

  3. I've never understood growing flowers instead of food - I am *all* function over form - but I may be coming around.

    Especially in my little neighborhood now, planting some nice flowers in front would be a community service.

  4. i tried to do zinnias from seeds this year and they didn't take (i think the birds got the seeds).

    you inspire me to try harder next year!!


  5. mine reseeded from last year. I have two that are nearly as tall as I am. but pink is all I'm getting, one red finally showed up and one scraggly orange. I pull off the spent flowers and toss them on the ground so now have a new wave of about 12" tall coming on. probably all pink as well.

  6. That would make a good bumper sticker!


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