Sunday, July 16, 2017

In Which We Are Reunited With The Other Grands

"Oh!" I thought this morning as the children came running up to meet me in the yard, "They have missed me!"
Gibson got to me first and indeed, he hugged me around the waist and looked up at me with his perfect Gibson face and said, "Mer! Can I play with your tablet?"
Then Owen got to me and he hugged me and his head is just about up to mine these days and he looked at me and said, "Can we play Wii?"
And THEN, Maggie came running to me on her fine, sturdy, juicy legs and I picked her up and she said, "Boppa?"
And then they all ran to their grandfather and he showed them the baby chicks and before you know it, the iPad was on the charger and between Owen and I, we got the Wii games started.
It was so good to see them.
We had oat bran, banana, sweet potato, apple and strawberry pancakes this morning with our bacon. They were delicious.
Here's the Woman Baby playing peek-a-boo from the high chair.

She is a hoot, that Magnolia June. She can get up my stairs so fast we haven't realized that she's left the room and every time it happens my heart stops. You should see her big brother Owen running up after her and carrying her down, though. SUCH a good big brother. I watched him put her in her high chair and give her her plate, too. 

So. The boys have named the chicks. They are Pearl, Rose, and Amethyst which are the names of the Crystal Gems in a show that Hank and the boys are all in love with called Steven Universe and which I know nothing about. But I have to admit that those are perfect chick names. 
And the chicks are all doing well today. I even gave them and their mama some watermelon. Tomorrow I need to get out there and clean the hen house and the chick nursery and just try to create some fresh-hay order. Right now it's all sort of funky, to tell you the truth. 
But I have not been sitting on my ass today. Well, except for the hour or so that I talked to May on the phone. We just cannot talk less than an hour. Chat, chat, chat, chat, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, chat, chat, chat, chat, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh. 
Rinse, repeat. 
So we caught up and there was a beautiful rainstorm that whole time and after it was over I went out and picked green beans which are so overly mature that we'll mostly be eating the shelled bean-seeds of them, 

and Mr. Moon picked more peas and he's shelling them right now. I changed into my long overalls and went back out and pulled weeds. I got the edamame and the okra weeded and sweated like a Trojan, as my granny used to say. The edamame is just about ready to start picking. Look at these beautiful, prolific, fuzzy pods!

Aren't they stunning? 
Well. I think they are. But you know- I'm nuts. 

I guess it's obvious that I feel about ten thousand times better today. I've had good energy and good spirits and I don't hurt anywhere more than usual and in a way, I feel reborn. It wasn't much of an illness at all to tell you the truth, just a little ol' cold virus and I didn't even get all of the snot that Jessie and August got so that's good. 

And thus, it's been a very nice day in Lloyd and we're going to eat delicious leftovers from last night. I made a tomato and eggplant pie and Mr. Moon smoked a Boston butt and I also cooked field peas and rice and all of those things will taste even better tonight than they did last night. I sent Lily home today with shelled peas and pickles and watermelon that her daddy had cut up and a whole other Boston butt (Mr. Moon is of the opinion that you might as well cook two as one) and I feel all frontier woman and shit and as I have said so many times- richer than hell. 

It occurred to me today that we may have reached the apex, the pinnacle of civilization in our time and are now in the crumbling, deteriorating beginnings of a sort of dark ages. It seems to me that history has repeated itself so many times before in human history and enlightenment is always followed by darkness and superstition and fear and if my theory is true, I feel grateful to have some of the skills and knowledge of the peasant who, no matter what, will continue on with that which is seemingly eternal- the dirt, the chicken, the seed, the flame, the family. 

I am probably wrong and I hope I am. And I have certainly not adopted a life-style involving dirt and chickens with that in mind. It is just what has come naturally to me. 

I'm just an old hippie grandma who has her little piece of heaven and the support and help and strength of a good and strong partner to carry on with the things she loves. 

Works for me. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. All is good in the world. And I love those chick names!!

  2. I wondered if you all had pancakes this morning! What a strange but wonderful thing blogging is....

  3. Just reading about it makes me want to up and move to your place to wait out the end of days. Do you have room?

  4. I think you may be right when about a third of the population of this country thinks higher education is bad for the country then we are definitely in decline. whether or not it's true we will still grow our food and love our family.

  5. Even if you are wrong - and I hope as much as you do that you are (but there's so much evidence) - there are these wonderful kids and if anything, you need to teach them about living with their hands in the soil and tending chickens and growing magic beans to harvest.

  6. I wondered the same thing, about reaching the zenith of sorts, and now the nadir. I like Elizabeth's idea. Maybe an old hippie commune?


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