Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mexican Mermaids, Chickens, A Film, The Google

My new header picture is a painting by the Mexican artist German Rubio. I was completely unfamiliar with him or his work but discovered him via a Google Images search for "Mexican Mermaids."
How I love the Google.
And I have fallen so in love with his work that I feel certain you will be seeing more of it here at Bless Our Hearts.

Meanwhile, it is Sunday and I slept for about eleven hours last night and I feel as if I simply have to do something today to earn my grits and grease, not to mention air and water and patch of dirt, and so I am going to try and bestir myself to get at least a few things done around here which so desperately need doing such as cleaning out the hen house and mopping the kitchen.

That's Dearie in the picture above with some of his hens. He has not gotten to maturity yet but he's getting there and seems to have perfected the rooster stare, even at his young age. 
He and the hens he sleeps with in the tree come to visit by the kitchen every morning in hopes for treats which I do supply. He calls the hens to come and eat them, thus proving his worthiness as their rooster. He does his part, I do mine. He never thanks me. 

The little chicks are fine and lovely and I saw one use its tiny wings this morning to flutter up to the frame of the cage-coop. Dottie, their mother, desperately wants to take them outside but I am not chancing that yet. I want to let them out so badly because I know they must yearn for new dirt and weeds to scratch in, fresh bugs and tender roots. But there are hawks and there are cats and as protective as Dottie is, I know that these are only a few of the things which she could not defend her babies from and I could not bear that. 
It may happen eventually but not yet. 
Again- she does her part, and I will do mine even if it means being cruel. 

And so it goes. It is Sunday. I did not make pancakes for my grandchildren. I do not have the energy and whatever it is that I end up doing today will be done slowly. You can count on that. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the artwork by Sr. Rubio. Not to be confused with that other Rubio in our government who has never done a thing I'd call enjoyable.
And...if you have nine minutes to spare today, here's an interesting little documentary that I will be thinking about for a long time. I will admit that the porcine element of the film seems to add very little to the whole thing for me but despite that, it was well-worth watching. 

Much Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I do LOVE your new header! I'll check out that video in a bit. I don't blame you for keeping the baby chicks under wraps for now.

  2. That new header is just perfect for your blog! I love it. And good for you for looking out for those little baby chicks! Their day will come soon enough!

  3. I immediately went to "the Goggle" to look at German Rubio's work! Ohhh I love it very much , I do, thank you for the good find. The little video clip of bacon is wonderful. Another good find. Baby chicks are not safe in the world, seems no body is. at least the chickies only need worry about hawks, and raccoons, and dogs. They are the lucky ones!

  4. yes, I love it too! mexican mermaids! being a bit lazy myself today. just sitting here writing instead of working on the new piece. I think I'll go sit in the living room soon and finish my book.

  5. What a perfect header for our blog! The kind-faced moon, the chicken masks, the mermaid tails. Yes, the art is beautiful. I'll be back to watch the video. Love.

  6. She is a lovely woman - her story makes me sad. It is so crystal clear to me that Kosher was about avoiding food poisoning in hot climates. Not God's Wrath, just ... common health and safety writ down in a big book. And then comes the patriarchal punishment, and the fear, and generations and generations of people following and imposing Rules. Sigh.

    It did make me wonder if the American obsession with all things bacon comes from a sort of anti-identification with Jews and Muslims that no one's aware of any more. Well... some are. Most just love bacon.

  7. The Rubio paintings -- oh my god. The header is incredible, and I admit to jealousy as it'd be perfect for MY blog. Sigh.

    I'm off to watch the film -- and catch up here as I've missed a lot of posts.

  8. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!



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