Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With All Due Respect

You, Al Melvin, are a bigoted, ignorant ass hat.

Go have another drink.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So many of our politicians are. I think that's why they run for office, for the chance to force their bigotry on everyone.

  2. Here's hoping backlash from the superbowl/NFL will quash the bill. I cannot abide the hypocrisy of those who claim to represent a smaller, less obtrusive government but want to regulate my vagina or my bedroom. But times they are a-changing. The arses are getting older & will die off sooner rather than later. Now that should have made the HuffPo from list the other day.

  3. I think ass-hat is much too mild for him. He'll have to live with his demons. Sweet Jo

  4. Arizona scares me. It has nutbars like this running the show?! That's insane. The worst part of it is that there are going to be constituents sitting at home thinking "That fag is puttin' words in his mouth and misinterpretin' everythin'!"
    I love that Anderson Cooper has become the ultimate activist for the gay community!

  5. I can't watch these idiots. I made it to 1:57 before getting so nauseous I had to hit stop.

  6. I couldn't watch all of it either and had to turn it off. I did come back but it took three times to watch the entire thing.

  7. Ellen Abbott- I fear that in many cases, you are exactly right.

    TJ Webb- That's what I always say! Hands off Big Business but eyes and fingers in my body and bedroom. Fuck them! And you are right- the older I get, the more of these old shit heads die.

    Sweet Jo- I fear that he'll never, ever see the evil of his thoughts.

    Denise- That demonic smile. Such a clown.

    Heartinhand- You are right. And he's running for governor! It's just sickening.

    Rubye Jack- I don't blame you one bit.

    Birdie- It's like a car wreck- you can't watch but you sort of have to. At least you live in Canada.

  8. Sometimes I simply can't bear to watch the ignorant and what they say.

  9. Syd- It does turn one's stomach, doesn't it?


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