Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Life

Well, here's something I've learned in the past few days- keeping the bedroom warmer can certainly improve one's husband's sleep. I've always loved keeping the window cracked, especially since menopause began approximately four hundred years ago and I started suffering from the hot flashes. Which persist to this day, four hundred years later. I sleep directly under the window and Mr. Moon sleeps across the king-sized bed which is not under the window but still, our room is always fairly chilly. And I sleep under a huge mound of comforters and covers while he can't tolerate sleeping under anything more than a sheet and at most, two thin cotton blankets.
It's a miracle we still sleep in the same bed, isn't it?
Anyway, a few nights ago when the temperatures dropped into the twenties, I closed the window shut tight and I believe my husband got the best night's sleep he'd had in years. I've kept the window closed and by golly, he's still sleeping well and last night we both slept for nine and one half hours which is some sort of record without a doubt and there you go.

We've been sleeping together since 1983 and I've finally just figured this out.

Okay. So do you want to know what exciting thing I have planned for today? I am going to pick up the fruits of the invasive air potato vine which litter the side yard. This damn vine can take down full grown oak trees. When we moved here, it had just about done that and we hired a nephew to do brutal clearing of it but it's persisted, of course, and this is the time of year when the very-much-like-a-potato bulbs which the vine drops are lying about the ground and I need to go pick up as many as possible and burn them.

If I don't, they will all take root and sprout and it's easier to pick them up now then to wait and pull the plants once they have begun to grow. Of course all of this takes place in the areas also populated by the horrendous and cruel thorn vine and those things could rip a hippo to shreds. I don't even try to pull those fuckers because their roots form from bulbs as big as washtubs and are buried halfway to China. But I will be taking my pruners to cut them. 

If I finish all of that up, I could go around and trim up some of the frozen ornamentals and haul all that to the burn pile. 

What in hell do people without yards do for fun? 

Having a little anxiety today but I am going to treat it with a cup of Valerian tea rather than any of my precious few Xanax or my oh-so-relaxing (I hear) Valium because it's not that bad. I need to go to the store to buy more tea as well as fruit because I just grated up our last apple into the oatmeal and one must have fruit about. I had a friend once who said that when she bought squash, she figured she'd done her job, even if she never cooked or ate it. I understand this. 

So that's my big plan for this gray, damp, chilly Saturday. Mr. Moon is working on the boys' fort/playset thing. Yesterday Gibson slipped in the upside down, laying on the ground slide which was holding water and he cried piteously. I do not blame him. That water was cold. I swooped him up and carried him into the house and threw his clothes in the dryer. The first set of clothes he'd been wearing when he got here were in the washing machine because they had been covered in smoothie. He happily ran around wearing nothing but a diaper until I got his clothes dry and thank goodness it was warmer yesterday. We can go for days and days without having to use the back-up outfit and then one day you need a third set. 

Well, that's life. And so is potato vine and so is thorn vine and so are apples and oatmeal and anxiety and sweet fat babies running around naked and toilets that need cleaning and bushes that need trimming and laundry that needs doing and squash that needs eating and sleeping and waking up and finding your lover across the vast expanse of a king-sized bed to cuddle on a lazy Saturday morning. 
And these.

Which I just picked. 

Happy Saturday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We have invasive ivy and it comes from under the ground. It grows about 100 feet a day. It chokes out everything around it. We have it under control in our yard but our neighbours don't so it comes under the fence. We don't use any chemicals in our home or in our yard so we pull it up by hand.

  2. Never heard of a potato vine. Hmmm. I sleep with the fan on every night and was convinced that I could in no way sleep without it because not only do I need to be cool, but I also need air blowing directly on me while I'm buried under blankets. And then one day for whatever reason, I slept without the fan and without the house being cool, and I slept like a champion. I still sleep in the cool, but it's nice to know I'll live if I'm unable to.

  3. Birdie- Sometimes I think these invasive species have alien origins. I swear.

    Nancy- I sleep with TWO fans on every night. When we travel, I have to take my small fan with me. I have a feeling that we are far less delicate than we think we are. As you have so recently proved.

  4. We sleep with the window cracked no matter how cold. Except for summer when the ceiling fans must be running. I like to burrow under the covers too. Nothing like it.

  5. Syd- Some of us are burrowers and some of are not. And yet, even those of us who do not match up in this regard can manage to sleep together. Thankfully.

  6. I hate sleeping in a warm room. Give me a cold room and blankets any day.


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