Monday, February 24, 2014

Not Feeling Particularly Industrious Today

Ah. Monday morning and it's gray and quiet in Lloyd. But not raining and so I need to take a walk and then I'm not sure but I do desperately need a pair of shoes I can work in the garden in and that sounds absurd but the shoes I used to wear in the garden literally fell apart and I'm thinking PayLess might have some fake Converse or something. Go support the Chinese slave trade. Right?

Oh golly, I don't know. I've got chill in my bones and lazy in my soul and I could easily go back to bed and snuggle down and read but that is not me. Maybe once in a while on a rainy Sunday but not on a gray Monday, I've got too much of my mother's father in me, the man probably never once slept past seven a.m. in his entire life. I always say I have my two grandfathers fighting within me, the one a happy, rich drunk attorney and wanna-be musician, the other a stern and disciplined man whose idea of leisure was to drink a small ginger-ale while watching a sunset after a long day of work.

And so it goes and so it is and here I am and I better get moving.
The chickens want out to begin their day of work and there is much that could be done and not much excuse not to do it.


  1. Overcast here too. Don't know if we will get rain though. I would like nothing more than to go home and putter but we are here in the city for our three days of working in the shop. Not in the mood for it, expect it to be three days of pulling teeth.

  2. It's -39C here this morning. My goal today? To get dressed and do the dishes. I had plans to leave the house but fuggedaboutit.
    Crocs or flip flops are my garden shoes. No wonder I have to scrub my feet so much in the summer.
    Hope the sun shines on you today.

  3. It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing here. The roads are impassable (or at least my street) so I shall be staying in.

  4. Ellen Abbott- That does not sound fun. I'm so sorry. Wishing that you could stay home and putter.

    Heartinhand- I would not bother to wear much a shoe in the garden either if not for the red ants. They are torture on bare feet.

    Birdie- Stay cozy, dear.

  5. Well, I can think of lots of excuses not to do things. But it won't get done around here by itself. We are up to our ears in projects. But all are coming along nicely.

  6. Syd- I keep WAITING for things to get done by themselves but they never do, dammit!


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