Monday, February 17, 2014

Flo and Ming, rescued from the duck-weed covered frog pond. Finally.

Sun shining full-on again, Mr. Moon home because banks close for everything and today is President's Day which quite frankly, I have no clue about. Did President Obama wake up this morning and think, "Maybe I'll have pancakes this morning. It is, after all, my day."?

I have no medical appointments this week. Do you hear that? None. Every time I feel a wave of anxiety I remember that fact and take a deep breath. Of course, even as I take that breath, my crazy-brain just hops over that short wall to another well-worn track of something to worry about and races on. But it's not so bad today. Not so bad at all on this cloudless, blue-sky day where I have no medical appointments and can take a walk and do whatever it is I need or want to do. 
It could be a good day to try out that grout-cleaner! 
Oh please. 

The mulberry tree is putting out tiny leaves, the fig trees are swelling at the tips. The Buck-Eye is leafing out. 

Elvis poses by the thrusting-up Trillium under the oak tree.

It is Monday and it is the beginning of a new week and spring is a train which has left the station and here we are and my brain is being rewired and it is time to go take a walk and we have had our oatmeal and I ain't complaining. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How does it feel to single-handedly be holding up the blogosphere?
    I want to visit Florida and eat seafood and have sand in my toes and smell the humidity and the salty sea. Sigh.
    That Elvis sure is photogenic!
    You've never hung upside down on monkey bars?! I once did 22 cartwheels in a row to show my kids I could. I couldn't walk for days.
    It's Family Day here in Alberta, Canada. Enjoy your appointment-free day!

  2. it is amazing how fast it happens once the wheel turns. like flipping a switch. gorgeous blue sky day here too but I have to prepare for the jaunt into the city to work this week. poo

  3. It's supposed to be in the 70's this week. I am looking forward to that.

  4. Holy shit, that Elvis is one handsome rooster.

  5. Elvis is handsome. Regal even. And your trillium have popped? I am beside myself.

  6. Heartinhand- What? I can't possibly be responsible for holding up the blogosphere! 22 cartwheels? You rock, mama. You rock.

    Ellen Abbott- I wish you could stay home and enjoy. But dammit, I guess we have to eat, right?

    Syd- Seventies sound good to me too.

    Denise- He's a handsome dude, isn't it?

    Mel- Yep. I didn't even see it until Elvis pointed it out to me.


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