Friday, February 28, 2014


Have y'all been having really long and involved dreams or is it just me and the Celexa?

Have you read The Hunger Games? I know this was a big deal and that there are movies but I've been totally out of that loop and I always get that and Game Of Thrones confused (just as I frequently confuse Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson) and I haven't read that one either. So anyway, at the library the other day, I picked up The Hunger Games on audio and should I be ashamed to admit that I'm really enjoying it? Hey! A good story is a good story and a good story in the ears is a fine thing while shoveling shit.

Do you find it just plain fucking weird that the warning for the newest movie about Jesus, Son Of God contains the phrase, "Bloody violence, disturbing images"? Do you, like me, wonder why in hell so many Christians just love to watch the crucifixion in such blood-dripping detail?

Are you as excited as I am that the new season of Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis is about to begin on Bravo again?
Yeah. Probably not.

Do you have "secret shame" blogs that you read simply because they're so crazy that you can't NOT read them? (Is mine one of them?)

Do you really like vegetables as much as you say you do?
Even Brussels sprouts? I mean, wouldn't you really rather eat a pork chop? Especially if a pig didn't have to die to provide it?

Are you going to go see this movie the second it gets to a theater near you?

Do you ever secretly wonder if some types of "modern art" are just bullshit? And that if an art "expert" had to determine whether some pictures were painted by a "master" or by a three-year old or by an elephant, really wouldn't be able to tell the difference? Have they ever set up a test like that?

How old were you the first time you were ever in church or Sunday school when the preacher (or priest or rabbi- whatever) or teacher said something that made you think, "What the FUCK?"

In a related question- can anyone really explain what the Holy Ghost is?

You know how they always tell you not to salt your beans when you're cooking them until they're almost done because if you do, they'll be tough? That's crap.

Do you ever wonder how often Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliet make love or is that just me?

Should I go take a walk before I go to town to meet up with Lily and the boys and Hank?


Do you know I'm wishing you a happy Friday?

I hope so.

Do you know I'm curious as to what you're wondering about today?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am going to see that movie the second it gets out. I love the trailer. Thank you for sharing because I would not have known about it. I am wondering how many wonderful blog posts such as this one I am going to come across today. You are awesome! I love how your mind thinks.

  2. not from the top:
    yes, weird dreams lately, but maybe because I'm binge watching season 3 of Game of Thrones.

    yes, Hunger Games trilogy went down like buttered Brussels sprouts-love those books-no whining.

    sometimes I crave all veggies, just piles of them as fresh as possible, like I'm crazy thirsty for veggies.

    yes, how Christians claim to honor Jesus is weird.

    no, $12 cable doesn't get Bravo.

    yes, it's Mr. Anderson, of course I'll see it.

    half of Modern Art is bullshit, the other half is art. and I don't know which is which.

    Branjolina? no. well damn, now I do.

    yes, walks help brain function, just like salt helps beans.

    The holy ghost is a construct to incorporate more mysticism into Christianity, Jesus just said to be nice to people.

    no, i have no secret shame blogs and I wear it as Medal of Honor that I get to read yours.

  3. Andrea- YOU are awesome. I really appreciate that comment. Thank you.

    Magnum- All right. You're in the running for top, best comment of the year. Thank you! And by the way- I've missed you.
    I wish I craved vegetables and yet, I never do. I eat them and I often even enjoy them but I never crave them. And wait- The Hunger Games is a TRILOGY? God, I hope the library has all of them.

  4. Love love love the vegies, and the pork chops, brussel sprouts are yummmmmy!Didn't know about the beans....angobrad probably average a normal-not-enough-for-brad amount of bonking, or maybe less, how can she have a sex drive when all her energy must go to just staying upright?! I have dreams that I wish would leave me alone already, and that's without drugs...The first time I was in church I went with a neighbor kid who sold us the whole deal because of ice-pops(!) and we went to sunday-school and it was all like WTF!!!! The second time, the next week, we got scolded for not doing our homework!!?! We never went back...I do art every day and I think art is the process of creating not the product, just saying...Yes on the movie and also that marigold hotel one with dame dench...Christians scare me, I have a whole step-clan of them!They have tons of kids and spank them, :(
    You can check my art out if you want
    I'd love that! carroll

  5. I love the picture with the frame and the lace. Hello!
    I haven't read the Hunger Games, but I'm a big Jennifer Lawrence fan, not to be confused with Britney or Jessica.
    I find it funny about the warning because I think the bible is the goriest book ever written, so obviously any movie accurately portraying what was written about (not saying it's accurate) would be gory! All that negating and smiting and all.
    I don't watch Flipping Out but I watch so many home reno shows! My fave is that little blond chick who buys old houses and fixes them up. She has amazing taste. I can't remember her name though.
    Your blog is not a secret shame blog at all, but now I'm scared I'm YOUR secret shame blog! Lol!
    I love a vegetable. A Brussel sprout NEXT to a pork chop is what I call BALANCE.
    I never see movies in the theatre anymore. I just can't handle all the rude people.
    We went to the MOMA in San Fran and it was awful! Not one piece of art. My dog makes better art with her muddy footprints.
    I was ten. It's when I stopped going to church.
    The Holy Ghost is bullshit, that's all you need to know.
    I never salt anything. I'm probably a terrible cook.
    I DO wonder about Brad and Angelina! All those kids! Plus they are both thin, that would seem like two skeletons rubbing together,
    Yes, take that walk. It's -29 with a -39 windchill here, so one of us should walk.
    It's Friday?!

  6. I do have crazy dreams, my husband jokes that it sounds like a lsd trip. I used to read a shame blog but she quit writing, she wrote about a crazy relationship, your's is certainly not a shame blog. About the vegetables, several years ago an in-law brought a vegetable casserole to a family gathering, my at the time 92 year old Mother said "I wished it was banana pudding". That is pretty much my sentiments too. Gail

  7. Yes my dreams with celexa are very complex and often exhausting, but I have gotten where they are quite as out there. They certainly make me aware of things my mind is trying to work through.

    Yes, I trully love the taste of most all vegetables, and really do not like the taste of most meat. I find covering the meat up with veggies will make them more palaple.

    I wonder when the pecans are going to leaf out this year. I wonder how I am going to get all the dead Asian lady bugs out of our house

    Love to you and Mr Mon

  8. BEST POST EVER. Yes on weird dreams long and serpentine. I LOVED The Hunger Games trilogy have read them twice and I loved the first movie the second not so much even though I saw it the ONLY movie I saw in a theater last year. I'll see the last one when it comes out if I can afford it.

  9. Not lately and not from any drug. I've always had long involved dreams.

    I did. I read them while I was laid up with my snake bite. Really liked them and have seen both movies.

    I've always thought the fascination and focus on the crucifixion to be really creepy. Catholics especially with their agony and blood dead god hanging on the cross.

    Don't know Flipping Out and I shamelessly read whatever I want.

    I do actually, even Brussels sprouts. I like pork chops too.

    Maybe not the minute it comes out but I will see it.

    Personally, I think most modern art is bullshit.

    Don't remember what age. Pretty young. I remember what it was about though. Original sin. Just born babies being sinners. WTF? And then there was the whole loving god condemning you to an eternity in hell.

    I can try. It's the Holy Spirit, the breath of god, the soul as it were. God's soul. In Judaism, it's called the shekianu (terribly misspelled), and it's female.

    Never heard that about beans.

    Um, no. Must just be you.

    Yes. But if it was me, I probably wouldn't.

  10. ps. I learned to love brussels prouts once I figured out that I didn't have to stream or boil them which smells like dead people. Now I roast or braise them and they're delicious. In fact I bought a bunch of them at the store yesterday.

  11. I attribute my crazy involved dreams to Celexa and an overly-active imagination.
    Jeff Lewis is my spirit animal.
    You are fabulous.

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  13. I'm a Christian, but life of Christ movies tend to be a lot on the weird side. I have no plans to see it.

    I was probably three or four when I was at my grandmother's church and heard the story about baby Moses floating in a basket. I hadn't heard that particular word yet, but I did think no, that didn't happen. I happen to remember the dress I was wearing at the time. I couldn't tell you why.

    I really don't want to think about Brad and Anjolina's love life.

    I don't have any shame blogs that I read, but in the summer there is a crazy shameful television I watch called Big Brother. It's like a train wreck, but I can't stop liking it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games. And Mollie was in the second movie so I will have to buy it.

    While in the cafeteria line at breakfast I contemplated who the first person was who saw an ugly weed sticking up out of the ground, pulled it up and decided to fry and eat it. I fear that meditations like that may mean I have in fact lost my mind.

    Have a great weekend

  14. Hahahaha! I love this post. The man is having fabulous opiate-laced dreams and I am jealous. Now I'm jealous of your dreams, too. Write them down--it's really interesting. Or blog them.
    I will answer the vegetable question: Yes. I adore them and I would much prefer a pile of roasted brussels sprouts with shallots and thinly sliced sweet red pepper to a pork chop. Or carrots with chunks of sweet potato or cauliflower roasted brown with a drizzle of lemon. But maybe I'm weird.

  15. Random answers:
    Yes, dreams as long as strange as the night. Wth?
    Yes Hunger Games is a great read, listen to or read all three, though three is a pisser.
    Yes I secretly read a few blogs just to feel more normal. None of the regulars here though :)
    Yes, I truly love veggies as much as I say I do, but only with salt and butter. Even brussel sprouts. It's gotta be genetic - you either love them or hate them, and oddly I hated most of them until I was grown.
    Yes, Bill Murray and Wes Anderson, yes!
    Yes, some modern art is so stupid, especially the loud video projection raging clown thing I saw in Chicago. Some of it confuses me, some of it is very interesting to me, some of it was like solving a puzzle, figuring out the message, and some of it, when explained, made me cry. But I've really only been to one modern art museum so far.
    Yes, to wtf to a sermon, and worse, especially realizing that the minister was just going through the motions, reading his script.
    Yes, I wonder about Brad and Angelina and hope they are happy and have a great sex life.
    Yes, you should take that walk, and yes, I'm wishing you a happy Friday too.

  16. I am SO glad that the celexa is working!! Damn. I really am.

    I liked Hunger Games too, but they didn't draw me in as much as they did for others. I think I read them too close together -I read the whole triolgy when I broke my ankle and I literally had nothing else to do but read those books.

    And YES, I have a bunch of blogs that I read either as guilty pleasures because some have really jumped the shark. You however, will never jump my shark :)

  17. celexia was what i was given. i didnt dream at all and felt like i was coming down off of something most of the time when i woke up. shakey and things were too sharp looking, a lot of nausea too. the rest of the day was a day and i got through it.

    i hope it helps and you dont get the side effects.


  18. Mamabird- I love your entire comment but what I want to say is- your art is amazing! I figured out a long time ago that if anything is holy, it is the act of creation. And honey, you create! Thank you for sharing that link with me.

    Heartinhand- You never cease to delight me. Never.

    Gail- I think that genetically, some of us are supposed to eat meat and some of us are supposed to eat vegetables. And some of us are supposed to eat banana pudding. Yay!

    Kathleen- Yes. You love your vegetables. I think I'd rather grow them than eat them. Isn't that odd? I don't mind the dreams. They are interesting. How many ladybugs are in that house?
    Love to you and Bug as well.

    Rebecca- I thought I remembered you saying you loved The Hunger Games which made me feel a tiny bit better, being captured by this book. Thank you, love. And what are dreams beyond movies we make up in our own heads every night?

    Ellen Abbott- Same with me for original sin. WTF???!!! Had those guys who wrote the old Testament ever SEEN a baby? I think not. I always think the Holy Ghost is a pale and ineffectual replacement for The Holy Mother.

    Rebecca- Even roasting them does nothing for me. Maybe it's a texture thing? I love cabbage.

    Lisa- Haha! Keith Richards is my spirit totem animal but I do adore Jeff Lewis. Why? I do not know. He is who he is. And I sort of love him.

    Lisa- Moses in the bullrushes. Was it a dress you liked? I often wonder about who figured out the whole yeast thing. I mean- whoa! Awesome! I don't think that means you're losing your mind to wonder about who fried the first vegetable. I think it means you are just intelligently curious.

    Denise- I CAN'T blog some of these dreams. I can barely admit them to myself. I swear. But they're amusing. Maybe if you were cooking my vegetables, I would like them more.

    Mel- I, too, hope desperately that Brad and Angelina have god and goddess sex. I so much want them to be happy together. I agree with you on vegetables- it's genetic.

    SJ- Here's my secret confession- the secret shame blogs I read are mostly written by very religious people. I can't help but read them and be amazed/confused at their faith. I'm going to hell.

    Mrs. A- So far for me, it's been a miracle. I had that "too sharpness" the first few days too but it wasn't bad. No nausea at all. I think I have an iron stomach. Probably because I don't eat enough vegetables.

  19. I hadn't heard that there's a new movie about Jesus. Hmmm. Think I'll skip it.

    I haven't read "The Hunger Games" but I saw the first movie and it was pretty good, but that's enough for me. In a similar vein, I read "Divergent" (which is pretty similar) and now I'm done with that series too.

  20. I thought the Hunger Games was totally compelling, but the next two books disappointed me, I must admit. I found the first film really boring and lacking in tension (compared to the suspenseful ride the book was) but apparently the second film is much better!

  21. Steve Reed- I won't be going to see that movie either. You can count on that.
    So should I watch the Hunger Games? I've never heard of Divergent. Should I read that?

    Jo- The book certainly does keep you involved, doesn't it?

  22. Lots to say in response to all you said!

    Veggies are good and so are pork chops and if the pig didn't have to die I would enjoy the pork chop much more. I haven't read Hunger Games and will read in in a few years. I did the same for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - waited for the "hype" to die down b/c it bugged me. And I loved that series of books. My first "what the fuck" moment in church that I remember was 6th or 7th grade and it was about purgatory. I thought "what the fuck, so a homeless person who doesn't get many prayers gets stuck in purgatory longer than the famous person who gets lots of prayers even if the homeless person was the better person." I asked the priest that and don't remember his answer but it was bullshit.

  23. I feel like I really missed the party. I'm not into The Hunger Games at all -- started to read the first and gave up. I basically hate sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian books. I can't wait to see tge Wes Anderson movie and will refuse Jesus -- again. As for shame blogs, I'd have to say they'd be those Mormon girls. I'm a vegetable AND pork chop girl. Yes, on some modern art. Yes, on Angelina and Brad. As for dreams, I'm having some doozies but who knows why?

  24. I often wonder how people can be so filled with hatred towards others who don't agree with them politically. And I wonder whether the religious fanatics would rather commit sins than read the Bible if they knew no one was going to find out. Sometimes, I wonder how many years I have left to live. But most of the time, I just shake my head at things and keep moving on.

  25. Jill- I haven't been able to read the Dragon Tattoo series. I am not sure why. You're moment in church was a good one. Isn't it funny how even children, when told some of this bullshit, know it's bullshit?

    Elizabeth- Well, that's okay. You don't have to like all sorts of books. It's in the Constitution. Or Bible maybe. My shame blogs are those of the very religious also. I entertain myself by fabricating scornful comments. I never leave one. Does that make me a really bad person?

    Syd- Same here, boy. Same here.


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