Friday, February 7, 2014

Some days are just blessed and glory and good all around. Today is one of those for me. I woke up with no anxiety and drank some water and went to town to get my blood drawn which went easy as can be. I have a vein in the crook of my left elbow that makes phlebotomists pee in their pants with joy.  The gal who was taking care of me practically swooned.
"I could hit that in my sleep!" she crowed.
For some reason this makes me feel as if I have accomplished something in my life which is ridiculous but there you go.

I flew out of the lab and drove down to the Waffle House. Here's the part where please, don't judge me.

 When I make grits, I don't even put butter on them but at the Waffle House, they just come that way. The waitress asked if she could bring me anything else and honest to god, unless it had involved rubies, she really couldn't have.
Golly, that was a swell breakfast.

Then I went to Publix and then I went to the Children's Lighthouse which is a third-rate thrift store where I have been known to find treasures although today I did not find one thing worth bringing home but it was fun anyway.

And now I'm home and the groceries are put away and I'm going to go clean out the hen house and I'm going to have a nap today because I'm still a bit exhausted from Mer Mer Daycare but in a good way and here it is- just the most beautiful day imaginable and I have fresh pineapple and spinach in my refrigerator and grits and egg and bacon and raisin toast in my belly. Which, by the way, Owen said yesterday was just the right size belly for a person to have.

Bless his heart.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pecan waffles at Waffle House can pull me out of any slump. So glad you enjoyed my secret pleasure (location at least).

  2. I love eating out with a good breakfast with bacon and fresh squeezed oj and the newspaper all by myself. Thing is around my new neighborhood it is much the thing to do for hipsters and much too pricey. One thing I miss about small towns.

  3. We have a lovely diner, Doug's Diner, where I meet friends occasionally for breakfast. Yesterday was an occasion. My friend had two egg scrambled eggs, because she's on a diet, and home fries, which are northern grits. She ate one fork full of potatoes because of the diet and I ate one because they were good.We each ate a lot of bacon. It was a good morning. And, I must ask Pam, who owns Doug's Diner, to keep a loaf of raisin bread in the freezer for me. Here's to good breakfast mornings to everyone!

  4. I have that vein too, haha.
    That breakfast looks grand, grits always make me happy.
    Glad you're having a good day.

  5. That breakfast looks amazing and is a fitting followup to a cholesterol blood draw!

    Owen and his belly comment - how sweet!

  6. NOLA- They have peach waffles now, I saw. Also...jalapeno cheddar biscuits. I sort of wish I'd had some of those.

    Rubye Jack- Eating breakfast out is one of life's greatest treats, isn't it? I'm sorry the hipsters have ruined your breakfast spots. That sucks! Dang hipsters!

    Lisa Page- With apple butter!

    Joanne- My grandparents used to eat raisin toast almost every morning. I still love it.

    Mel- They were delicious grits!

    Jill- He is a funny little guy and I take his opinions way too seriously. I always have.

  7. So glad to see bacon on your plate! And yes, Joanne, our home fries must be northern grits! When I have breakfast at the diner with my best friend she always substitutes lettuce and tomato for the home fries. I just roll my eyes at her and dig in. ...
    ... Could Owen please leave me a message on my answer machine letting me know that my belly is just the right size? What a lovely boy he is!!

  8. oooh I have a hankering for bacon and blueberry pancakes now...... I also have vains so deep I'm a donar nightmare!!x

  9. What a sweet boy! My own sons are now 15 and 19, and the 15 year old said something today that was memorable (these occasions are much less frequent, and much less cute, than they once were). We were listening to the radio and the song came on with the line "That's where my demons hide." I said "I wish my demons WOULD hide, instead of staying here in the front of my brain all the time." His response "You don't have demons there, Mom, only angels." Even 15 year olds who think they are cool can make you cry with their sweetness.

    Elizabeth O.

  10. You know how Anne Shirley (of Green Gables) used to say, "God's in his heaven and all's right with the world"? Well I don't believe in that god really, but this blog stirs up that emotion. I am glad for pineapple and a day of rightness in you world.

  11. Oh this post makes me clap my hands in glee. Gosh that us a fine breakfast! Your day sounds divine.

  12. An excellent breakfast. A good day. I had blood drawn earlier this week. She had me poked and that tube filled before I could blink. 'You're pretty good at that', I told her.

  13. I am on Day 2 of no anxiety. Yay for both of us!

    I have never, ever had grits.

  14. I've never had grits either! Us poor Canadians!
    I'm glad you had a great day! Oh and Mer Mer Daycare? I don't know how you do it. At 45, four days with my Grandies and I'm about ready for the boneyard.

  15. I can't think of a finer way to spend the day.Except for the getting your blood took. All the rest is up there pretty close to perfection.
    Sweet dreams.

  16. Yay! So glad you hit the Waffle House and yes, that breakfast DOES look fab.

    Nicole is a good name for a Waffle House waitress, too. :)

  17. Waffle House food is one of my faves when I am on the road. Totally like their veggie omelets.

  18. It's so funny when bits of us are good - I feel safe putting this here at the end of a comment thread on an older post, but last time I had a smear test, my doctor told my my cervix was 'awesome!' and I felt bizarrely pleased. Mostly because I thought she'd say the opposite, so that was good :)


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