Thursday, February 6, 2014

Temperature dropped last night and although we are nowhere near freezing, it is chilly again. The boys will be here soon, Owen striding from van to door with whatever bag of toys he's felt necessary to bring, probably wearing his pajamas which he loves to spend the day in, also cowboy boots. He will give me a quick hug and allow me to kiss him and then show me what he's brought, make his pronouncements. Gibson, on the other hand, will reach from his mother's arms after she gets him out of his car seat and say "Mer Mer! Hug!" and thus the day will begin.

I am brewing valerian tea. Need I say more about that? Jingling and jangling, my neurons fire and spark. I've been to the trash place, the Post Office, the truck stop to buy milk. I've sped through the paper, not enough focus to concentrate on any one article all the way through and none of it good news anyway. A Catholic priest proclaiming that life begins at conception because where else would it begin and so he with his unused (hopefully) testes and penis (except for holy pissing, of course) can safely and with dignity say that abortion is wrong, a sin, the destruction of human life. An employee at a nearby car dealership went crazy and shot a bunch of people for no apparent reason. Plenty of folks in the obituaries, some of whom "transitioned" some of whom went to be with the angels. 

Pulling out of the trash place, the stink of it still in my car, I said a prayer to the Universe which went something like, "Please."

I don't even believe in that sort of thing. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A quick perusal of the articles on Huffpost and I see that billionaire Sam Zell says that the one percenters just have a better work ethic than the rest of us. That's all there is to it. And that "lots of people have come from nowhere and become part of the one percent."
His math skills may be rusty.

And so this day begins. A day in February, year of 2014. The robins have started coming in, flocking all over the ground. They are traveling north. The Japanese Magnolias are starting to bloom along with the redbuds. Spring too will travel north. The boys are coming, they are coming here soon.

It is Thursday, I am sipping tea to calm myself. The sun is shining but clouds are forming, the universe or Universe just is, uncaring, there is plenty of milk now in case hot cocoa is needed, I think Owen and I should make bread.

I hear Owen. They are here.


  1. " he with his unused (hopefully) testes and penis (except for holy pissing, of course) can safely and with dignity say that abortion is wrong, a sin,..."

    HAHAaaaaa.... good morning, Ms. Moon... it is indeed another February morning... making bread sounds wonderful and hot chocolate?

  2. Have a great day at MerMer's daycare.

    And I am glad to hear those robins are on the way north. I'm ready.

  3. Sorry for the jangling nerves but this post is simply perfect. I am happy to be here.

  4. If that picture that fronts your blog was taken by you, I salute you... it is stunning and as always, you know how to set a day up... I hope that you have had a wonderful day with your boys, they surely give you lots and lots of love, which you return in spades obviously... hugs from across the pond.. janzi

  5. Carolyn- We did make bread and it was fun.

    Jill- You'll be seeing them. I promise.

    Angella- I'm glad.

    Janzi- Yes. I took that picture. It came out lovely, didn't it? I'm loathe to replace it. Hugs back...

  6. I'm sure their holy penises have been self-used, if you get my drift.


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