Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The temperature is dropping and it is still dripping and tomorrow night we're going to get another freeze, according to the powers who prognosticate such things.
Oh well. I expected it would happen before spring really showed up for good.

I'm making another one of my absurd soups, again trying to clear out the refrigerator. I made bread too, and I always feel that if I make bread to go with, anything is edible.
Almost anything.

The boys were here and I was tired and Gibson was even more tired and he fussed and fussed and FUSSED. He wanted me to hold him but nothing I tried to do with him or for him produced anything from him but "No, no, no!"
Oh, it was frustrating. And he would NOT lay down with me.
"No, no, NO!"
Then, like the Super Hero he is, Boppy came home.
All was well and Gibson got a second wind.

Wii games were played. I even participated in the bowling. I beat Mr. Moon which is ridiculous. In a real bowling alley I am the worst. You know that six-year old they let bowl who walks up to the line and puts the ball between her legs and then pushes it a little and it takes about five minutes to get to the pins? She's better than I am.
But I can rock the alley in Wii bowling.
We discovered today that Owen is a natural at Wii cycling. Which actually takes quite a bit of skill and balance. He was delighted. So were we. We were also amazed. He wasn't. He knew he could do it.

He wanted a fort again today. Around here, a fort is the card table placed in the hallway with a sheet over it. He loves to carry the card table because he can and I always praise him for being so strong. Today after he carried it into the hall and I told him how strong he is, he said, "Am I so strong that it makes you want to marry me?"
"Yes!" I said. "If I weren't already married and you weren't my grandson, I would definitely want to marry you!"
I mean, who wouldn't want to marry Owen?

So that's how this day has gone and it's almost dark and I think I'll add some noodles to that soup and see if I can make it a little more exciting although that will only mean there's more of it which, as you know, means more leftover leftovers.

I am still waiting on my Mediterranean Diet cookbook for inspiration but maybe it will be here tomorrow.

It sounds like someone is shoveling gravel on the railroad tracks. Jeez. I hope it's an actual railroad employee.

Lloyd can be a strange place.

Which is why I love it so much. And fit in so well.

Y'all be good.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am having a little stomach flu and thinking that I will make a crock pot bean soup tomorrow when I am super hungry but don't want anything too muchly.

  2. I adore your new header. Camellias alway seem to get hit by a Santa Ana wind in So Cal and end up lying on the ground all brown and disappointing.

  3. I LOVE the new header! And I never ever tire of the stories you tell of you and your grandchildren's adventures!

  4. Sheet forts are the best! Cranky toddlers aren't. Lol! Glad you got through it.

  5. Another freeze?! Ugh. Seems like you should be past that by now. But I guess it IS still technically winter.

  6. You seem to have the same attitude to soup as I do. "No, not ready for the trash - I know! Soup! " Mostly, actually, it works. I love soup.

  7. Mr. Downtown- Are you okay?

    Denise- My camellias have been one of my saving graces this year. I swear.

    Elizabeth- Adventures and travails. Both. Sigh.

    heartinhand- I could have cried when Boppy walked in the door. My hero! The boys felt the same way.

    Steve Reed- I have seen snow in March. In Lloyd.

    Jenny Woolf- Exactly! And yes, it is usually pretty darn good.

  8. Damn, the winter just drags on and on. Still cold and windy and rainy here. Miserable.

  9. Syd- Spring is coming your way. It told me so.


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