Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I wandered into my bathroom with thoughts of cleaning and the light was pouring through the windows and my madonnas and mermaids and Fridas were all shining down on me with smiles and I thought, "Fuck it."
And I took a bath.

First time in forever I have felt comfortable enough in my own skin to take off my clothes and lay down in a tub full of water.

It was grace.


  1. Ooooh, this is sublime. And I love that you noticed yourself in that moment, and relished it.

  2. That's so much better than cleaning.

  3. Here's a body bath trick...keep your glasses on, they fog up, you can't see what you don't want to see!

    I'm proud of you for taking the plunge! :)

  4. Oh, the joy of anxiety drifting away. I almost want to cry that it is leaving you.

  5. Elizabeth- It was.

    Rebecca- And to not be able to enjoy the HOLY BATH all winter has been a sort of sadness to me.
    All love back.

    Lisa- Perfectly true. When my children were little, my number one remedy for everything that ailed them was a bath with lavender oil in it.

    Angella- I realized I was ready to get back in the water again. And I was reading something that I am enjoying so very, very much that you might be familiar with. I am loving it.
    Thank you. You were part of that bath.

    Jo- I did actually do a little cleaning after so it was not entirely a wasted day.

    A- I know. Such a simple thing and yet...

    Stephanie- Hello dear woman! Thanks for stopping in!

    Heartinhand- But how can you read with foggy glasses? This would be a problem for me.

    Birdie- I swear. You know. Lord, how you know.

  6. Nice to get in a tub and soak. We do that with the whirlpool, lighting a few candles and just enjoying the wet soapy water......


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