Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What A Day, Part Done

It's ten thirty at night and I am home from rehearsal and have eaten my supper and made Mr. Moon's lunch for tomorrow and all I have left to do is put away the leftover pork and red bean and acorn squash with red peppers and onions and salsa verde stew I made for our supper and then wash the pot. The stew was good. So was the cornbread and so was the salad.

And I am tired.

One more rehearsal before opening night and that is that. Kathleen sent us home tonight with instructions to relax tomorrow, have a glass of wine and to make love.
Bossy directors just make me crazy.

Owen's coming again tomorrow morning, bright and early. We tried something new today. I tied in into the old high chair I have with a scarf and put tiny pieces of banana on the tray for him to try to get into his own mouth. He made grave and serious attempts but couldn't seem to grasp the concept. He thinks, at this point, that bananas grow from loving fingers for him to suck. After laughing at him for awhile and taking his pictures, I obliged his belief and let him have the bananas from my own fingers. When I got a bite into his mouth he smiled as if he'd seen heaven's gate and the light was pouring onto him. Oh! How I wish I'd gotten that picture. Well, these are the ones I got.

His mean Aunt Jessie came out and as you can see, she is so mean. And so beautiful. She held him while he slept.

He is growing so fast.
So is my heart.

Time for bed. Time for bed. May we all sleep like that tonight, deeply and purely, growing, even as we sleep, as we dream, in our hearts at the very least.


  1. I hope so too. Good night, Ms Moon. And good morning to you when you read this!

  2. That Owen is growing too fast.

    Follow your directors orders and relax tomorrow. You are going to be great in that play tomorrow.

  3. I love that you attempted to teach him his pincer grasp thing. So sweet. He is just the most beautiful boy. This post made me feel relaxed -- I hope you are deeply sleeping as I type this. Sweet dreams!

  4. I love his sweet chubby cheeks; and I personally think Kathleen's advice is perfect.

  5. Adorable photos. I dig mean Aunt Jessie.

  6. Ok, I can't say anymore how damn cute this kid is!!!!!!! What I will say is if he reacted like that to banana... just wait till he tries icecream!

    We'd sometimes put a little on Harley's gums to distract him from the nightmare of teething.

    Mean aunt Jessie can hold me while I sleep any ole day.
    xoxo m

  7. He's so beautiful, Ms. Moon. I could stare at that face all day long, I swear.

  8. He's absolutely adorable! Looks like he made a valiant effort with the banana. What a sweetheart.

  9. Owen! You can't pick up banana with your elbow! Silly boy.

  10. I missed this last night. Was on the treadmill. That last line made me choke up: May we all sleep like that tonight, deeply and purely, growing, even as we sleep, as we dream, inour hearts at the very least.
    I want to believe that is happening when I sleep and dream. I feel so stunted. Feel like I've got too much growing to do for my late age.
    Bless you.

  11. Ever since Austin was little, maybe Owen's age now, he has laughed in his sleep. It is such a beautiful chuckle and it makes me so happy to think of him having funny, joyous dreams.

  12. SJ- Thank-you, sweetie.

    Mel- No rest for the wicked, as my mother used to say.

    Rebecca- I couldn't dream. I was too busy going over lines in my head.

    Elizabeth- He's a funny guy. He knew there was something he was supposed to do with that banana, he just wasn't sure what.

    Kori- That Kathleen is brilliant. Even if she is bossy.

    Ms. Bastard- We ALL dig mean Aunt Jessie.

    Ms. Fleur- I know. Wouldn't that be sweet sleep?

    Aunt Becky- I do stare at it all day.

    Lois- He'll probably figure it out by next week.

    DTG- Maybe he needs some Uncle Hank training.

    Bethany- Ah. You're still a baby. Plenty of time to grow yet.

    Stephanie- That's beautiful.

  13. How can you let that mean Aunt Jessie so close to Owen? She looks dangerous! She might bite him!

  14. I am sighing.....to be in loving arms like a babe...yes..that is what we all still need...


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