Sunday, December 25, 2016

We Took A Walk

Ah. I am feeling particularly uninspired tonight. I hardly took any good pictures today. That one is from this morning when it was still raining.
It did not rain for long and we walked into town and back which is probably, maybe, about four miles and I got a blister on the top of my foot from my flip-flops and so walked most of the way home barefoot and for a little while I thought maybe I'd blistered the bottoms of my feet too but they're fine.
We got in the pool when we got back (swimming on Christmas day!) and had a rest and got up and watched the sunset. There were clouds obscuring the event itself but there was color and I laid back and watched the scudding clouds as they passed, shape-shifting and morphing from one thing into another.

Every night a different event and each one with its own charms and beauty.

We went into town for our supper and it was fine although my favorite part was the little fried tortilla with beans in it that came with my chili relleno. 
I do love beans. 

We walked around downtown for a little while after we ate. The zocalo, which has been redone since we were here last, has a huge water feature with lights and sound. The children especially seem enchanted by it. 

It is QUITE dramatic! 
At least they have kept the old clock tower, even if it is sort of over-lit if you ask me. 

Still, it is an anchor to the past. 

And now we are home in our room. 
I will take a shower and read in the coolness and then settle down and sleep. My dreams have been sweeter here, my mornings much less fraught. 

A good Christmas Day. Boppy gave Owen and Gibson a basketball goal and ball for Christmas and Jason and Vergil and Owen set it up and Lily sent a video of Owen throwing his first ball at the goal which he made, looking as if he's been doing it his whole life. 
Beginner's luck or genetic inclination? 

Who knows? 

Not me. 

I hope all is well with you. 
Kisses from Mexico.

Love...Ms. Moon

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