Monday, December 26, 2016

Even In Paradise

Do we ever get over the feeling that everyone else in the world is cooler than we are, prettier, more capable and more at ease in their bodies, their surroundings, their lives?

I am struggling with this right now. Really hard.

The place we're staying is hardly the epicenter for the glorious and glamorous and yet, I still feel somehow less than everyone else. We sat next to some folks at breakfast just a few moments ago and he was a Jimmy Buffet looking guy with tattoos and an earring, she an exotic beauty whom I can imagine negotiating the streets of New York City or the helm of a sailboat. She was wearing shorts and a bikini top- not exactly a spring chicken- but her body was smooth and perfect and tan (what? me notice things like this?) and I just feel like a shlump, an old woman with an old woman body and an old woman face and even though there are women here who are older and even more grandmotherly in appearance than I, at least they dive, which I do not do.

I had a funny and telling dream the other night. This was before we saw the humming bird and in the dream, someone was stacking up things to sell at a thrift store and she thought they were some sort of very delicate china but I told her they were porcelain hummingbird feeders. Then I proceeded to tell her that I would be a good friend because I am very smart and say the word "fuck" all the time.
This makes little sense but in a way it may- do I now perceive myself as someone whose worth rests solely in my intellect and my love of cursing?

And just now the humming bird came back for another morning go at the flowers and I did smile, watching its emerald wings never ceasing, it's quick darting and sipping.

Speaking of sipping, the seagulls fly to the pool every morning for a quick drink of pool water. They are well behaved and line up and take their drinks and fly away.

Anyway, it is a beautiful morning and I am not sure what we're doing today but I think we shall go snorkeling. Maybe down at Playa Corona. I have a pimple on my chin which seems ridiculous. I have ugly, ugly age spots which make my skin look like as if I've been bred with a leopard although got none of the beauty or grace. And I need to get out of my head and into the day and into the water where I am alien by my very presence and yet, allowed and I doubt the fishes will judge me because I am merely another human which is a huge club to belong to and one which I doubt they give much thought to except to be annoyed by.
As they so rightly should be.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. you were smooth and perfect and tan in your time. now you are just beautiful, age spots and wrinkles and all.

  2. You are way cool my friend. You're looking at yourself in a microscopic way which none of us can survive. Look instead at your dancing ocean colored eyes, your waterfall of hair, your jangly bracelets, your smile, that smile. You are so damn cool. Hippie cool. If only you could see yourself the way others see you. You are the bees knees cool. And I love and adore you, and feel kinda cool myself that I can count you as my friend!

  3. Most trophy wives appear tan, thin, blonde, jewelr-laden and sometimes a bit vapid. You, the ultimate in trophy wives, are honest, and good, and imperfect, and loving, an awesome cook, and LOVED. YOU WIN!!!!!!

  4. you are in the perfect place to re-invent yourself for a little while if that is what you want. Spend some money on yourself...get a great hair cut...get a some trendy clothes....go for it! You might like it...

  5. Couldn't have said it any better than 37paddington.

    But reading that the confident senora Luna being bothered by pimple, leopard, don't dive, and all the fluffy stuff in between is kind of amusing.


    Oh and you seem to have overlooked the fact that you've got a Big Heart!

    Enjoy your day in paradise.

  6. Just last night I was feeling that way. My sister's sister-in-law is two years younger than me. She is vivacious and outgoing. She is an extrovert and life of the party. Me? I feel like an old frump next to her. I am round of body, quiet and introverted. My hair is greying. (Now by choice.) Hers is a mix of purple and teal. She laughs at everything and I contemplate everything. Our mutual nieces adore her and barely look at me. I'm always afraid my husband must like her more. She is so pretty and young. I am a scowling woman that acts 95.

  7. Your eyes, that smile, that beautiful mane of hair, my gosh.

    I know what you mean though, my favorite hobby is comparing. But I'm beginning to see that pretty, rich and lithe has nothing on spirit, consciousness and a golden heart. You got 'em babe, and I'm actually envious of the way you look x


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