Monday, December 12, 2016

Some Good Advice

I really should have known that today was going to be a bust when I realized that I'd been wearing two different style Crocs for at least forty-five minutes after I got up and got dressed.
Two. Different. Styles.
One open-toed, one very much not.
And it took me forty-five minutes to realize that fact.

This is the point at which my children wonder whether or not we've purchased nursing home insurance.

Still and yet, I drove to town and that went fine except that Goodwill was depressing for some reason and I should say Goodwills because I went to two. I did get one sleeveless linen dress with pockets which will be fine except that it's sort of a hot pink color which is not me but which is Lily, actually, but it's good linen and like I said...pockets. I just looked at it again and we shall not call it hot pink but instead, crushed raspberries with cream. How's that?

I also went to Publix where I bought yogurt and milk and apples and bananas and pork chops and sweet potatoes and all kinds of stuff. I looked for a new wrist brace. I frequently wear one to bed because I have a fucked-up wrist from when I broke it when I was young and it helps to prevent the pain and numbness which happens when I sleep. The brace I've been wearing for forever has finally lost its Velcrocity and I keep looking to buy a new one but they're all for the right hand! Hello! I broke my left wrist! This makes TWO Publixes (Publi?) I've looked in and neither one had a left wrist brace at all. I suppose I shall have to resort to going to an actual drug store which I hate because you can't ever find anything because the aisles are cram-packed with everything from pretzels and candy to As Seen On TV junk and now there will be Christmas decorations and holiday cosmetic collections and wrapping paper and Christmas cards and Santas that dance and sing and I'll be creeping around trying to find the damn wrist braces wondering if maybe I don't need some peppermint bark or a Chia Pet or a box of wine or some beef jerky or a flu shot.

So anyway, I guess it wasn't such a bad day although I never once did feel hopeful for anything but just sort of flat and the old lady at the Goodwill asked me if I was ready to check out and I said I was, holding my pinkish dress and she said, "Just a minute. Let me put this chair back where it belongs," and when I say "old" she was older than me by a long shot and it took her some time to put that chair back where it belonged and she looked up at me when she was finished and said, "Are you ready to check out?" And I said, "Yes, m'am," for the second time.
At least her shoes probably matched so I really shouldn't speak.

And that's about all the news from here except that Dearie never did show up today and fuck all.
I'm cooking collard greens and mustard greens and kale for our supper to go with our pork chops and sweet potatoes and that will be tasty and fine and at long last I'll be able to get back into the bed which, when I made it this morning, I had a very hard time not getting back into right that second.
I guess the fact that I did not was a success in and of itself and I should be proud of that, perhaps, although that seems like a slim accomplishment to pin my day's worth of self-esteem on.
But I did wear matching shoes when I went to town so add that in and remembered to buy Miracle Whip which was BOGO although I did forget to buy parmesan cheese so subtract that from the equation and you're back at the beginning.

It's the Virgin of Guadalupe's holy day and I'm not even celebrating because I feel that she's tired of me with my constant whining and never lighting candles for her anymore so whatever. I'd be bored and tired of me too.

Guess I'll go scrub the sweet potatoes. Do you eat your sweet potato skin? I do. And I eat my sweet potatoes with cinnamon on them which is the very best. I also cut off the very end tips of them before I bake them because I saw an old woman cook hers that way once and so now I do too although I have no idea why she did that except maybe it prevents the potatoes from exploding or something and if so, it works, because I've never had a sweet potato explode but I do cook them on a little piece of aluminum foil because they tend to leak.

There. That's all I have for you today.

Sweet dreams. Check your shoes before you go out. Pay attention in traffic and put the cinnamon on the table when you serve sweet potatoes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I thought I was the only one. I wore different styles and colors to work few weeks ago and NEVER noticed. My husband did. One blue, one black, different holes. The blue one a size larger. I'm such a fashion maven.

  2. I was in a hurry Saturday to get to the post office before they closed, and was in the car with the engine started before I realized I was still in my slippers. I said to hell with it & went.

  3. hey. just saying i'm here. it's late, and i'm exhausted. but i did want you to know I stopped by. xo

  4. I do eat my potato skins. I think you should give yourself credit because you did NOT go to town with your mismatched shoes, and you also invented a new word: VELCROCITY. Love the story of the lady at the Goodwill. I bet every minute for her is like a new day!

  5. Sweet potatoes (although I think they were yams) for dinner too, up here in the North. Mashed with orange juice and butter.

  6. Well, for someone who is struggling with despondency you sure make so many of the rest of us Smile with your Delightfully Humorous Posts of your day, which sets a great tone for my own day this Morning. Thank You! Isn't mismatched socks and shoes a new Fashion Statement, the G-Kid Force tell me it is so you're actually On-Trend, Hope that Fact made you Feel a little better... you're a Trendy Gramma, so there! No, don't eat the skins on the Sweet Potatoes but I will try Cinnamon now. I can relate to Wondering if I don't Need all that miscellany crap whenever a Shop has everything under the Sun... my compulsive behaviors kick into overdrive with such selection! *Winks* Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. hang in there. you'll be in Cozumel before you know it.

  8. Then there was the time I headed out to the car for church in my sock monkey slippers! DH caught me!

  9. Amazon has many wrist braces, if you can tolerate the time spent for shipping. Your description of drug stores was spot on.

  10. How about fabric dye? The stuff you use in the washing machine? Works well with linen.
    Just saying.
    Once had a boss who regularly turned up in non-matching socks and two different sandals. Brainy kind of person. Often brought some of his breakfast along in his beard and none of his shirts were ever ironed etc.
    It's nothing.

  11. I've done the two different shoe thing and once had a patient who would sundown and do things like put her bra on the outside of her blouse usually one of us caught that and held her change...I hate drug stores, too and regularly use cinnamon on sweet potatoes.

  12. Does Publix have a pharmacist? Maybe he or she can order the left brace for you.

  13. Two different crocs?
    Welcome to my world

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