Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blue Angel News Report, Thursday Morning Edition

I noticed when we came in last night that a table was being taken down which had been set by the water and this morning I noticed an abundance of rose petals scattered about there.
I am thinking there was a very special supper for someone last night.
A proposal? An anniversary?
Whatever it was, I am sure that it was romantic and lovely.

In animal news, an employee showed up this morning with a tiny baby potbellied pig. Everyone gathered about to see it, to pet it and then it was tied to a chair for a few moments until it could be taken home, I presume.

There was a worry that Bagheera might attack the small creature, thinking it to be a rat so I offered to let her stay in our room until Piggie was retrieved and so Ms. B. had a nice snack of leftover bacon from yesterday's breakfast to help her with her disappointment at not being able to attack the pig which is rather fitting, I think. 
The pig is now gone and Baggie is resting and watching as she does. 

What she is mostly watching is the project that Mr. Moon and the woodworker for the hotel have going on. 
Yesterday my husband found a nice stick in the jungle at the ruins to use as a walking stick and this morning he asked if he could be loaned a machete to make it the right size and so forth. 
Not only was he given a sharpened machete to use

but Ishmael also produced power tools to make the job easier. 

Now I think that sandpaper is being sought after to finish the work properly.

In dream news, both my husband and I had horrible dreams last night. We are blaming the Xtabentum but who knows what Mayan curse we picked up inadvertently by stepping in the wrong place at Ixchel's shrine yesterday? If we offended, I hope we are forgiven. 
I swear. Our hearts are pure.

My ankles and feet are still a bit swollen and sore from yesterday's bug bites. I assume this is because I was introduced to a toxin of which I have no experience. I shall survive.

I think we are going to snorkel right here at the hotel today. Beyond that, we have no real plans. My huevos motulenos and plantains which I had for breakfast will last me the rest of the day and into supper time with any luck. I have a book I am hoping to finish reading today. 
Perhaps a nap?

And so it goes here at the Blue Angel Resort on Cozumel, Mexico on one of the last days of a year which is passing swiftly by. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am sorry for the bad dreams but glad for the good day you have planned. Mr. Moon looks so at home in that place. I would not be surprised if you announced one day that you were moving there to live. Do you always stay at Blue Angel?

  2. I fell back asleep this morning and into a very weird long dream, a little disturbing but I wouldn't call it a nightmare. just hanging out here this week waiting waiting for the calendar to turn.

  3. Piggie and Baggie...
    This news report made me chuckle, senora Luna.
    Hope the bug bites heal soon.
    - Sam

  4. I love the pig! Did Glen keep the walking stick he found in addition to the one from Sergio's brother -- or did that one supplant this one? I don't think I picked up any Mayan curses, thank God. The bug bites are so strange! Hopefully they're gone by now!


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