Saturday, December 10, 2016


Yep. It froze last night. Yesterday that was a pot of blooming impatiens. This morning it's a pot of mess.

Dearie showed back up. I saw her a little while ago but now she seems to have disappeared again. Where does that little hen go? And why aren't I getting any eggs at all?

And how is it that Russia hacked our election and yet we still have to live with the results? And why isn't anyone doing anything about the obviously illegal acts our president-elect is indulging in? And who is going to run this country because he obviously has no desire to do so?

Who knows? Not me.

Yours in wonder and wondering...Ms. Moon


  1. Wonderful picture of the grands! Getting all 4 to face the camera is an accomplishment !

  2. The impatiens are one of the more delicate blooms, always the first to turn to mush up here...I had some pansies that weren't fazed by anything till they got covered in snow! They may very well just pick up where they left off come springtime. It's 21 degrees here today and we all have some weird low grade tummy bug. I watch the bigger events going on with complete wonder and amazement, and have no idea what to expect... Hugs from Vermont

  3. This damn continuing orange nightmare that we can't seem to be awakened from...scared to my boots. Wonder if the rise of "reality" shows has us so dumbed down. And fake news?? Walter Cronkite, come back!!Love to you.

  4. I have the same questions and am dumbfounded that nothing is being done. I've been sick in my stomach for awhile and wonder how much of it is provoked by anxiety about our country. It's frightening Mary.

  5. I wonder the same things. It is gobstopping and just keeps rolling forward.

  6. Good questions all. I am trying to bury my head in the sand for a while.

  7. The dawn of dystopian times...

  8. not only Russia but the fucking CIA too! the republicans aren't doing shit about any of this because they see it as their golden opportunity to finally get their way on everything. they have no morals. if this was Hillary they'd be screaming to high heaven but since it benefited their guy, pffft. I'm in a constant state of disbelief. get this...according to them, there are no facts anymore, just beliefs. and every person he has appointed to head any department has wanted to dismantle that department until finally there will be no federal rules or regulations, cause you know, states rights and all, no social programs, until only the armed forces will be left and the treasury looted. and they don't give a shit. they don't care about the people. all they want to see is a fucking bonfire.

  9. That's what I want to know...why isn't anybody doing anything about all this crap!


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