Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Report

Exciting day here in that we'll be meeting at Japanica! for lunch. Owen only has a half-day of school today and we don't like to go to Japanica! without him because it's his favorite so HURRAY!

The house dreams continue. Now "the house" is as big as a park and I have to ask people how to get back to the living area, it's that big. A new theme is that I see people everywhere, sleeping and eating and creating new displays and at first I get upset but then I simply ask them to clean up after themselves. I did have some moments of panic when I couldn't find my toothbrush or any coffee and wandered around for quite some time, trying to locate those items.
What a messy mind I have.

So. When I iron or work on Gibson's quilt, I often watch trash TV. The commercials are mostly vile, I have to say and I keep wondering about one specific one wherein they're flogging party-sized frozen lasagnas by saying something like, "Yours is the house where everyone gathers" and people keep ringing the doorbell and they keep making room at the table for more people to sit down and eat frozen lasagna.
Why would anyone think that's a good idea on any level?

Related note- after watching a few episodes of "Wife Swap" I have to wonder where they find all of these Wiccan women whose husbands do all of the housework to pair up with all of these farm wives who not only keep completely clean houses but also take care of the cows and attend church five times a week. I had no idea that there were so many Wiccans practicing and setting themselves up as goddesses.
I think I should look into this.

Here are Dotty and Darla.

Amazingly, they are still alive and look to me as if they will soon be old enough to lay eggs. This is a cheering thought.

It is cold (for us) again and I need to take my walk and get into town.

I keep looking at this. It makes me smile. Did I really go to Havana this year? Am I really going to Cozumel in less than a week?
It would appear to be true. 

(Small freak-out.)

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This morning in New York is so cold I contemplated never getting out from under the covers. I think I understand your house dream: maybe it has something to do with you feeling an imperative to keep the whole operation in order, and it's all just too massive to do, so maybe it's progress that you then asked people to clean up after themselves. strangely, i had a house dream last night, too, in which I was wandering and wandering, lost, in large drafty old house that turned out to be in upstate new york and at some point my daughter arrived and drove me back to the city. i'm sure I can figure out that dream too.

  2. Is it a requirement that one must be Wiccan in order to be a goddess? I think not.

    You're definitely trying to make order out of chaos in that dream. I had a very bizarre dream last night and I actually thought of you in my dream state -- that I was having a Mary Moon dream!

  3. House dreams are archetypal, aren't they? I've always loved the whole archetypal thing -- that the human brain or unconscious dreams in an almost "common" way. It's like we're all one somewhere or another.

  4. it's warm but drizzly out here today. I just picked some fresh pansies for my little vase. the only trash TV I watch is General Hospital.


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