Monday, October 13, 2014

Swing And Swing And Kiss And Hug And Make A Plan For The Anniversary

I wanted to start with a picture I took today of Owen on the swing, doing that thing kids do which is to twist and twist and twist the chains and then ride out the swift untwisting of them, making themselves dizzy with the whirling, then trying to walk and finding out that sometimes the earth rises up and smacks you, right out of nowhere. Every child's first experience with an altered state of mind. And damn- guess what? It's really fun.

Boppy had helped him in this particular twisting and I snapped a picture but my phone isn't sending and my internet is being on/off, on/off, on/off.

La-di-dah and if it ever successfully sends, I'll show the picture.

The boys were extra-special great today. For whatever reason, Gibson was in an extremely snuggly, kissy sort of mood. Not clingy and fussy, just full on exuberantly hugging and kissing. And Owen was full of Owen juice and when he got here I didn't say a word to him but just hugged him tight with all my body and whistled a funny little tune over and over and swayed with him, right there in the kitchen and he let me and he laughed. I finally released him and said, "Hey guy! How you doin'?" and he said, "Great!"

Okay. Picture finally arrived. Here you go.

How I love those long skinny legs and hey! wonder where he got 'em?

So it was a good day and Mr. Moon went to auction, is still driving there now. I got to talk to May and see Lily and I texted with Jessie some who said she had to take a nap this afternoon and she loves her house and May brought her food. I'll probably barge in on her tomorrow, take some rooting plants for her to put on the wide tile window shelf in the pink bathroom which is a perfect place for them with all the humidity and the diffused light from the wavery window.
May reported that the avocado seed I gave her last week is already growing leaves and that made me so very happy. She and I laughed a lot. God, my kids crack me up.

And in other news, Mr. Moon and I have finally decided where to spend our thirtieth anniversary honeymoon and we're going back to Roseland. We'll be staying in the cabana house again with the pool with the spitting lions at all four corners and the beautiful pink vintage appliances and the dock where we can watch the sunset from over the Sebastian River.

Have you noticed that my favorite places in the world are the ones where I can watch a sunset over the water?

I am so excited. Here's what the entrance to this magical place looks like.

For the ones and ones of you who do not know about Roseland and what this place means to me, just do a search at the top of the blog for "Roseland" and you'll be presented with more than you will ever need to know. 
Or. Just know this- it is magic. 

Complete and utter fucking magic. And sure, we could go to Greece or Italy or even Australia where the Rolling Stones will be playing the exact same night of our anniversary but you know me- it's hard to creep too far outside the lines. And Roseland has everything. The river I grew up on and in, the beautiful pool, the Atlantic ocean just down the road, the Sebastian Inlet which I remember from before a bridge spanned it, 

the islands in the Indian River, one of which I was taken to as a child and found the vertebra and teeth of mammoths, scattered on the sand, the white sand roads where I learned to ride a bike, the Ocean Grill restaurant a few miles south in Vero where I hope we'll have our anniversary dinner. And the thrift stores! MY GOD! The thrift stores. Where I have found so many treasures. 

So I'm excited. 

We're supposed to get storms tonight and damn if I didn't just hear thunder rumbling. Well, the chickens are put up, all safe and cozy in their house, Maurice and I are here and fine in the house. Rain is just starting to patter. And speaking of chickens- we had a moment of extreme excitement here today. I was outside with the boys on the swings and we heard a chicken in obvious horrible distress and I ran towards the sound, thinking that surely Maurice had one of the hens in her grasp and I was yelling, "Stop it! Stop it!" but then I realized that Ms. Bob, one of our oldest chickens, had fallen in the little pond and was struggling to get out. 
And before I could do a damn thing, she did. She is fine. 

And Maurice was nowhere to be found so she was not suspect in the accident. 

More thunder. Rolling, rolling across the sky, the gods play at nine-pins, the sound of the stone deep throne of Chac Mool, who holds my heart in his hands. 

I've been there. I've done that. It was wonderful. And if I can't go there, to the Yucatan where Chac Mool lives, then Roseland will do just fine and I will dive deep in the water of the pool which I saw as a child, a totem then and now of rebirth and wonder.

Good night, y'all. 

See you tomorrow if the creek don't rise and the internet doesn't go out. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's a wonderful life you're living, dear Mary, with all your babies big and small. I remember Roseland. The last time you went there, I had just found your blog.

  2. Of all the times I have been to Sebastian Inlet, I never knew Roseland existed. I will have to get off A1A next time and explore, the next time I am in that area. Gail

  3. Roseland. Even the name is perfect.
    Whew, glad Ms. Bob is okay.
    I love how you tell us about all the love in your life.
    Thank you.

  4. swinging is one of the most crucial activities a child must participate in to fully develop their vestibular system. i fully support it!!!

    we are going on our first honeymoon next week. don't be shocked if we get remarried by an elvis impersonator!


  5. OK, let's see if I can leave a comment this time! I tried a couple before but I seemed to be having technical difficulties...

    Not that I have anything deep or insightful to say, other than I can't wait to see more Roseland pictures!

  6. If anything is more magic than finding mammoth teeth, I don't know it.

  7. Angella- I wonder how many times I've visited there in the last decade or so. A few, I know that. I sure am glad you found me.

    Gail- Not a whole lot to see but it holds a lot of memories for me and parts of it are really still very wild and beautiful.
    The river, especially.

    Denise- Ms. Bob is in danger of drowning from RAIN today. I swear. Thank you for being here.

    Mrs. A- Oh my god! That would be so awesome! So I take it you may be visiting Las Vegas?
    I still love to swing.

    Steve Reed- And somehow, they will look just like all the old ones. Ha!

    Ms. Vesuvius- You got that right, honey. I mean, I still boggle at the thought of that.

  8. Sounds like a great plan for your anniversary. I remember when you went there before and it seemed like a place of great comfort.


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