Saturday, October 11, 2014

But First, Then This

It has been the sweetest day of almost constant movement but very little accomplishment.
You know what "but-firsts" are?
They're like, you're going to make a bed but first you have to sweep the floor in there. You're going to change out towels but first you have to clean the sink. You're going to wash the dishes but first you have to talk to your darling Lis on the phone, sitting on the front porch, dangling your flip flops and watching the breeze make the ferns sway and observing the blooming Confederate Rose against the blue sky, giggling and laughing with that darling Lis. You're going to do the laundry but first you have to exchange hilarious texts with Billy, none of which will be shared here. You're going to make bread but first you have to fool around with a cute man. You're going to do a major cleaning out of a drawer in the bathroom but first you have to polish the silver-plate cup you keep your toothbrush and toothpaste in. And then your favorite silver earrings and...okay, you get the idea.
So it's been a good day of doing tiny things that didn't really need doing but what the hell? and Jessie and Vergil should be here in about an hour and a half and I can't wait to see them and it's going to be so incredible, knowing that they're here and they're not leaving except to go to their HOME, their actual real HOME and we'll all unload the truck and then they'll be HOME and oh, boy. I just can't believe this.

I am going to make supper. BUT FIRST I think I better take a shower. It's been hot here today. And I look like a hillbilly unkempt grandma and smell like a stevedore. Before deodorant was invented.

All praise running water. Raise your praise to soap and towels and eggs and flour and yeast and babies coming home to stay. And friends and porches and chickens who come in through the dog door for little visits and cats who offer their heads for scratching at four a.m. when the Crazy comes to visit and for cute men and silver jewelry and pine cone lilies and every damn thing which has brought me joy and pleasure today.

All of that. And so much more.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hallelujah!(I have never written that word before, I was challenged..!)

  2. I have never known anyone outside of books to use the word stevedore, and that made me smile tonight.

  3. I need to go out and search for a phone battery, BUT FIRST I must just check all the internet!

  4. Love this. I smiled at the dangling flip flops. Jessie's home!

  5. I am plagued with the OnMyWayToDoSomethingButMustPickUpThisThingSeenOnMyWayAndPutItAwayAndTheFirstThingNeverGetsDone. Sounds like a similar affliction to the but-firsts!

  6. It is difficult to beat running water for pleasure. Especially hot running water. I learned that in the Peace Corps. :)

  7. Marty Damon- My world is so beautiful here. I can't ever seem to find all the right words to describe it so thank you.

    Big Mamabird- It's a grand word, isn't it?

    Kori- Me either. I for sure didn't know how to spell it.

    Jo- Did you get to the end of the internet? Did you get a battery?

    Angella- She is!

    Stubblejumpin Gal- I think they may be the same.

    Steve Reed- If you ever live without it, you will always appreciate it when you have have it.


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