Monday, October 13, 2014


A perfectly beautiful morning with the clearest blue skies and gusty breezes scattering the leaves of the sycamores, gaudy yellow, a momentary confetti against the sky.
Trees rustle like starched skirts, they swirl as they dance in the wind.

I got a little walk in, thankful every step for this place where I live.

Now to go drop off things at the library and go to the grocery and get ready for my boys. I finished listening to the Wally Lamb book and I did like it a great deal.

Mr. Lamb has run a writing program in a woman's prison for over fourteen years. I find that remarkable. That has nothing to do with the book or perhaps it does. 
As Bruce Springsteen says in his beautiful song, "You're Missing," everything is everything. 

The shadow of a spider working on her web crawls up the screen of the porch, the chickens are clucking as they eat the seeds the wild birds scatter. The cat lays in the sun, a puddle of orange in a puddle of silver. 

Good morning. 


  1. I read one Lamb book about a girl who imagined mold on all her food and thus lost weight. I loved it. Then I read another book of his that was kind ok meh. I'm interested in this one just to see if I can go back to liking him.

  2. ps. This morning I told my cat "come here and give me some sugar" a phrase that I'd never heard until I read it here then I started hearing it all over the place like when you buy a Ford and suddenly see your car everywhere.

  3. This post reminds me of how far behind I am in my reading. How I want the words that are waiting on the pages.

  4. Rebecca- Well, he's a story-teller writer. And he said in an interview that although he envies fiction writers who can do outlines, he is not one of those and has to write to know what the story is. I like that. step in the "sugar" thing is to say, "Come here, baby. Give mama some sugar."
    When you can do that without feeling embarrassed, you will be an honorary southerner and I know you have lived in the south before so maybe?
    Or...maybe not. You may have way too much dignity. Unlike me. Who has none.

    Denise- Yes. God. I love reading. I love it so much. Which...duh. If there is one thing which all of us here have in common, it is our love of words, I think. That and being incredibly good-looking and wicked smart. All of us.

  5. All Hale the Written Word! Books have gotten me through some tough times and good times.Heck they are my life.My mom used tell people I was the one that read the cereal box. When I first heard the sugar thing I thought they wanted the real thing,found out it means sweetness with a kiss.Love the use.Your words of color for your cat and sunlight are purrfect..Hey don't forget we are funny and good looking and wicked smart! Have a lovely and Thank you for sharing your joy in the little things.

  6. oops,"day" (I always forget to check for typo's)Mary from Alabama.Carry on

  7. I read the book that came from that project where he teaches writing in the prison - it was intense, to say the least. His intro was one of the heart-warmingest things.

  8. Wally Lamb's 'I Know This Much Is True" put me off of fiction for a few years. Not that it was bad. It just got to me so much I was actually afraid to be taken into a story that way again.


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