Monday, October 6, 2014

A Monday Morning Walk In Lloyd

Fally-Down house.
Still here, leaning more than ever. Scraps of wallpaper still on some of the walls.

Taken by accident. See my foot of fire?

Zebra butterfly on Spanish Needle.

Skull on old tree stump with barbwire running right through the wood.

Extremely interesting mushroom. What do YOU see?

 Hard to beat 110% Results.

Beautiful wild flower. Don't know its name. Do you?


  1. great pics. wish I had some woods to walk in.

  2. that butterfly is swoon worthy...

  3. I don't know which is more weird. The name of "Mrs. Faith" or the 110% results. I had to Google the number and came up with this.!

    She is also selling an R.V.
    She sounds quite desperate to sell. I guess her 110% results don't work for the selling of R.V's.

  4. My response to your question and comments on todays (and recent) blog entries disappeared after I entered "publish"?

  5. Great photos. I see a Buddha from above with the shroom. Not sure what wildflower that is but the zebra longwing is beautiful. State butterfly, right?

  6. Lol, ok, I don't see a buddha, I see various possibly body parts. Could be a torso, could be an ass, could be testicles... clearly, I'm not very enlightened :)

    Beautiful photos today, I love the whirly leg one!

  7. I believe that wildflower is a blazing star:

    When I was little, in the fall, my mom would sometimes pick blazing stars and orange pine lilies (which are now endangered!) and put them together in a vase. She liked the way the colors blended.

  8. Correction: Pine lilies are not endangered, but are now listed as threatened in Florida. I don't want to make my mom sound TOO irresponsible. :)

  9. Fally-down house made me laugh! My dear man has told people that lately he's become a translator. When packing to leave for Florida I asked him where the hangy-up thing was. And dat man knew immediately that I meant the garment bag! I think I'll keep him!

  10. Your feet look like you walk in high gear!
    Ii love the fally-down house.
    I love that our friend googled the mystic and found she has an RV for sale. LOL!

  11. Ellen Abbott- I feel very lucky to have these woods. They are part of my ability to function as well as I do- my walks in them help so much.

    Big Mamabird- She really didn't want her picture taken. I had to follow her around for awhile.

    ditchingthedog- Haha! That's hysterical! Great use of the internet!

    ohmboy- Dang! I have no idea! I'm so sorry! But this one made it through! Thanks for not giving up.

    Syd- Buddha? You are much more enlightened than I am, my brother. I see boobs and butts. Haha! You know, I'm not sure at all what the state butterfly is. I'll have to google that.

    Jo- Me too! On not being enlightened. Haha!

    Denise- It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

    Steve Reed- Thank you! Blazing star. What a great name.

    catrina- After a few years, we do learn our sweeties' languages, don't we?

    Heartinhand- We have such a sweet community, don't we?


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