Thursday, October 16, 2014

You Might Need To Check Your Blood Sugar Level After Reading This

The butterfly ginger is starting to bloom and what could be more beautiful, more fragrant? It is chilly this morning and I've made a big bowl of oat bran cereal with raisins and I am letting it cool. I have beans on, simmering for our supper tonight. I have a husband who left me little hearts drawn on the newspaper for me to find. I have woods and fields to walk in. I have four children who love each other and their parents. All of their parents. I have two beloved sons-in-law. I have two brilliant grandsons. I have one cat and I have thirteen chickens.

I live in my dream house.

I am on a good dose of a proper medication which means that although as a child I was raised in a house where everything (almost everything, at least) was a lie, a sham, a shame, a fear, I can now almost believe in the goodness of my own real life and function as such.

I have a good sense of humor and oh, what a good dancer I used to be!

Almost all of my problems are of the First-World variety, meaning, pfffft.
And the main one this morning is the transferring of old iPhone to new and my only care is that I save my pictures.

Ah lah.
I think professionals must be utilized.
Or a fifth-grader.

Sorry to be so damn cheerful. Trust me- the crusty old curmudgeon with ridiculous fears and complaining shall return at some point. The whining, the existential angst, the despair. I feel certain they are all still just waiting for some butterfly to sip from an exotic flower somewhere far across the world, flutter its wings and change everything.

Meanwhile, I am.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. oh my darling mary, please don't apologize for your joy. It makes me joyful to read it. life is very good in lloyd and that goodness spins out and encircles us all. let the dark moods wait their turn. hopefully they will wait and wait and wait. i love this post. hearts hidden on the newspaper pages! oh.

  2. our cups runneth over, right?

    my butterfly ginger bloomed early this year and sparsely though I see two stalks are putting on fat buds at the top. the yellow butterfly ginger, only one bloomed so far and only three puny flowers at that.

  3. I love you. And every time I am reminded that you got on the right medication I am happy for you again. Now stay on them - every time you think you don't need them and you stop the black dog returns. (not judging - I'm on them too and I get it).

  4. Angella- Thank you, sweetie. Sometimes I just feel like I"m all or nothing, you know?
    And I just remembered that line from Steel Magnolias where Truvy is giving the recipe for the peach cobbler and she says, "And I serve it with ice cream to cut the sweet."

    Denise- You are precious. I'm so glad you're here.

    Ellen Abbott- Very few of my gingers get enough light to bloom but the pine cone lily gingers always do well. Have you ever tried them?

    Jill- Love you too! And honey- that last bout with anxiety was enough to scare me off trying to go bareback. I swear. Thanks for reminding me though.

  5. Our iPhones will be here in November. We got an upgrade so I took the unsmart route of getting them through ATT which everyone knows is slower than snail shit in doing anything useful. Thankfully, I can say that as we sold our millions of shares of stock that C's mother had bought over her entire career there. I am now officially relieved.


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