Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning And No Hash Browns For Me

I got up a few minutes after eight this morning to find that my husband and my daughter and her husband had just left for a Waffle House breakfast before starting the great unloading.
Maurice is sharing my breakfast. I let her lick the yogurt cup when I was done.
No damn fried eggs and bacon and hash browns for me.

Again I say, Harumph.

It sure was wonderful having them get here last night. They were flat-out exhausted and I fed them their dinner and they went to bed.

Guess I'll put on my overalls and head into town, carry some lamps and stuff.

A new chapter begins.


  1. I think they should treat you to lunch. Have a nice day; family teams are the best.

  2. You don't want to eat that greasy waffle house stuff, which raises your cholesterol and makes you need to go to the doctor more often.

  3. I have to say that The Waffle House was one of the most spectacular things about the south. I adore it and we don't have that particular chain here which berefts me all sideways. Hi Mary. xo

  4. Joanne- I bought pizza for our lunch! It was delicious!

    Anonymous- Well, there is that.

    Rebecca- I hardly ever go there but it's a comfort, knowing it's an option. Hello back!

    Steve Reed- They said they had debated the question and decided to let me sleep. Which was probably the best for all concerned.

  5. Glad that they arrived. I sure remember those days of moving. We were exhausted too.


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