Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Are Family

Well, there's some of us. Lily, Hank, Gibson, Mark, Jessie, Vergil, and Melissa.
May was running her ass off trying to serve about fifty people who had decided to come out to eat at Fanny's today and Owen was playing on the old tennis courts where he was figuring out mysteries and Mr. Moon was stuck in the office, dealing with what he called "elderly people" and then he said, "They're about sixty-five," and we both laughed our asses off because...we're Elderly, Junior, I guess.

I did not give birth to Mark or Melissa but they are both mine, in a way. Mark calls me "Mama" and Melissa and Jessie have been best friends since they were little girls and Melissa told the story today of how the first time she ever spent the night at our house, she woke up and was a bit confused and she wandered into my room. I remember this. Glen was out of town and so I said, "Honey, do you want to get in bed with me?" and she did, and so in a way I guess we bonded. She's a pistol, that one. Working on her Master's at FSU, thinking about getting her PhD.
Mark is just mine because he is. I've known him for yonks too. He and Hank have been friends for many years and well, he's just ours.

We talked today about hugging and kissing. Mark and Melissa both said that they've gotten more hugs from our family than they ever got from their own. And they both have very loving, wonderful families. I guess we just hug and kiss a lot. While sharing memories at lunch today, Mark even said that the first time he met me I hugged him and he was a little freaked out. But today when it was time for me to leave to go to the dentist, he said, "Is it hugging time?"
And indeed it was.
Mark's been doing a lot of Legos for range of motion therapy for his arm and his hand since he got his surgery and yesterday, he gave Owen a set and now Owen is entranced. Here's a picture of Owen last night after he put together a Crock thing Lego thing ALL BY HIMSELF!

He was so proud. He did not think he could do it but he did and he's sort of in love with Mark now. 

Before lunch, Lily and Jessie and I went to Costco. Jessie was so excited to join us on one of our Costco trips. We introduced her to our rituals which we've developed over the years, our Costco Traditions. They are few and silly but we love them. Lord but it's nice to have Jessie and Vergil here. I hope they don't get sick of us too quickly. 

My follow-up dentist appointment went fine. Healing proceeding normally. Stitches taken out. Going back in two weeks. The nurse showed me the pictures of the implant on the computer and all I could say was, "God. That is gnarly."
I am SO glad I don't remember any of that whole procedure except for what I've reported here. Jesus. 
Stay awake to have a baby, go to sleep to have a dental procedure, that's my advice. 

So. That's pretty much it. Costco, lunch, dentist. Oh, I went to the library! 
God, it was a huge day for me. 

And then I came home and did some yard stuff and potted plants stuff and tomorrow I really need to hoe the weeds up in the garden or I might as well just kiss all that work good-bye. 

I'd much rather kiss you. Need a hug?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Fun blog! Our whole family are huggers and kissers too. I always hug someone I've just met. Unless I don't like their vibe. Then I just kinda take two steps back and nod my head, "Nice to meet you."

    Kids really do make the world go 'round, especially the adult kind.

    I'll be in Niceville the last two weeks of the month huggin and kissin and playin on the beach with and lovin up my first and only (so far) grandchild. Dying in anticipation!

  2. Yes. Snuggle me up :)

    I can't believe Jessie is back! Gosh that seemed fast.

  3. Glad that you are doing well. I had an impromptu ER visit with a kidney stone. Not much fun at all. Glad to be off the morphine which sure kills pain and just about anything else that you want to do too. Lovely family. Glad to be reading you again.

  4. such beautiful family times. isn't it precious how some children you never gave birth to are still simply yours? how is it that *I* am so thrilled that Jessie and Virgil are home. it makes my heart so glad for all of you.

  5. I so need a hug.

    And that Owen is so darling!

  6. I'm with ya on that dentist childbirth thing!
    And the hugs.

  7. I would never refuse a hug! Actually your hugging-family vibes come through very strongly in your blog. It sounds cheeseball to say your writing is like a hug but it kind of is.

  8. I feel like you hug me every day!

  9. You are an incredibly warm family. Joining other people's families can be such a relief because you don't have the baggage. I love being with my in-laws. My sister's husband loves being with my family. I guess it's not a bad system.

  10. I will go with what Steve said.I will gladly take one (or 2) and give some back.Thank you for sharing your great family with us.Thank you for being awesome.I truly know that if the world had more folks like you and yours the world would be a much better place! Good Morning from Alabama :)

  11. I am very kissy huggy and was with my kids. kisses and hugs coming and going. my daughter was not with her kids though nor her husband. I was always kissy huggy with the grandkids too. I usually had to chase the grandboy down though to get my hug. Now at 17 he will even hug me bag but no kissing. the grandgirls are good huggers but only tolerate my kisses on their cheeks. I miss those baby times when they were generous with kisses.

  12. Coming here, reading your words, it's kind of a virtual hug for me. The families we create can sometimes be sweeter than the ones we're born to. Not in your case! You have a beautiful family, birthed and created.

  13. Laynie- Ah- I do the same with people whose vibe I do not like.
    And oh- the joy you will have with your grands! Hurray!

    SJ- I would snuggle you right up, girl. You know it. And it does seem like the move happened fast! Here they are! So wonderful.

    Syd- Oh my god! I had one once when I was pregnant with Jessie. What horrible pain! Did you pass the stone? I am so sorry. But yes, thank god for morphine when we need it. Be well!

    Angella- Some of us are just MOTHERS. That is our title, our purpose, whether we ask for it or not. I thrill to your children's news, I suffer when they suffer. It is so odd, but it is so true.

    Elizabeth- You have no idea how much I wish I could deliver you a hug. I would smush you!
    Owen is pretty precious, isn't he?

    Denise- Pain can have a purpose. Other times, fuck that shit.
    Love you, dear.

    Steve Reed- I am a huge cheeseball. So thank you!

    Jill- I try!

    Ms. Vesuvius- You are exactly correct about the baggage. Amen!

    Mary i- Well, the world would be more touchy-feely and that's the truth. Thank you for the Alabama greetings. I return them with a hug.

    Ellen Abbott- I chased Gibson down all day yesterday to get one damn hug. He was not givin' it up. And on Monday, he couldn't hug and kiss me enough. Owen patiently withstands my love-assaults. He knows I need to kiss him sometimes. It's just the way it is.

    Yobobe- I got the best families of all kinds. I swear I do. You have some pretty fine ones yourself, lady!

  14. Now I can see the photo fully on the computer not the phone, Lily, your hair is GORGEOUS.


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