Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sweetness and Light And The Problem Of Hog Dogs

I'm really digging this new phone. I like the camera.

This is what it looks like here every morning when I go to let the chickens out. Maurice has to assist me. I wonder if she does a head count to make sure they're all safe.

Here she is transmitting her report to me with her powerful Cat Powers of ESP.

I wish she'd clean out the hen house. Let me just tell you- thirteen chickens can create a lot of poop. Poor Miss Chi-Cha was obviously roosting below someone last night. Her usually pristine white feathers are not pristine this morning. She needs a good dirt bath. 

So I was talking to my neighbor on the phone yesterday about the continual howling of the hog dogs next door to her. It's sort of driving me mad although they are not barking this very moment which is a huge relief. My neighbor said the the dogs' owners had been away all week and that someone was supposed to be taking care of them and she also said that the two indoor dogs have also been outside this week, possibly adding to the barking situation. She knew their names. The indoor dogs, that is. 
I told her that was well and good but that those dogs bark all day long every day anyway. Since I'm at home during the day, generally, I am aware of this whereas others may not be. 
This is a tricky and sticky situation. Part of my problem with the dogs is that I know they're in a little pen and miserable and so of course they bark all day. I just ignore them and the situation and live and let live which is sort of the way it goes around here or do I do something?
I have no idea what that would be. I don't know these neighbors at all. I couldn't pick them out of a line-up of two. If I called the sheriffs' office, they'd probably laugh at me. I don't even know if Jefferson County has an animal control office. I know they have a humane society. Their thrift store is awesome and I know they try to do good work. But it's probably not illegal in the least to keep dogs penned up around here. 

Ah. Country living.

Anyway, as you can see, it's another beautiful day. I've just spoken to Ms. Jessie on the phone. She'd been watching "Call The Midwife" and was having a little bit of a cry. She is such a sensitive girl. I can't believe she's so close now. I told her that if I come to town I'll call her. I have been thinking about buying a new dress to wear on my anniversary night but somehow that seems quite impossible. Where would I go to buy it? I can't fathom going to the mall. 
Perhaps the Jefferson County Humane Society Thrift Store. Which is called "Wag The Dog." 

Probably not. 

Well, all shall be revealed. 

Good morning, every one. May all be well where you are. May there be peace and all of your chickens always come home to roost.


  1. I have cried buckets while watching "Call the Midwife". It is an incredible show.

    Barking dogs. WHY do people let this happen? If you say anything it is never taken positively. Oh, no. People will defend their barking dogs to the death.

    Go buy a new-to-you dress!

    What episode was Jessie watching?

  2. I live in the suburbs and have a couple of house on my block with non-stop barking. I hate it so much. I fantasize about sending out anonymous mailings saying things like "let your damn dogs in the house" and "can't you hear that barking?" One of these years I'm going to do it!

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  4. The dog thing is really tough. I guess go see if they might be amenable to discussing it, and if they don't... what next? Hard to say. I think most people just get ulcers!

  5. I would think even if it's not against the law to keep dogs penned up, it might be against the law to create a public noise problem. I think you might consider calling the Humane Society just to see what they recommend you do, if anything. Of course, you'd have to be willing to earn the never-ending enmity of your neighbors, and it might not be worth it.

  6. ditching the dog- One of the episodes where a white woman had a half-black baby.
    I did not buy a dress.

    Jill- If you can do it anonymously, do it tonight!

    Jo- I think you're right.

    Steve Reed- Good suggestion to call the Humane Society. I think I'll do that.

    Elizabeth- Oh god. Johnny is so proud of his dresses. He wants so much money for them. I wore a Johnny Was shirt today and I was so happy to do so. I bought it on sale and it still cost about as much as a new house.

  7. I am now worried about the dogs. Perhaps call the Humane Society. But then they might get hauled off and put down. I wish people would take care of their animals. Drives me crazy.


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