Thursday, October 2, 2014

News From Lloyd

Is this one of the funniest kid-pictures you've ever seen?
Here you have Wolverine and his side-kick, Small Pissed Off Man.
Yes, there's a story there. No, I don't need to tell it. Besides, you probably already know the plot-line by heart because you've either been a parent or a grandparent or a sibling.

I really had a very good time with the boys. Gibson was mostly not in a bad mood at all, but in a sweet, loving mood. He spent a good long while putting eyeshadow all over my face and then he tried to poke the end of the brush into my stomach because he thought that would be funny and it sort of was. We listened to "Gus And Me" twice in the car on the way here from Lily's house. Owen loved it. Or so he said. He was the one who wanted me to play it again. And when we got home, he wanted to hear a little Stones on the phonograph and so we did. He wanted the record with the "yellow label." I let him put the tone arm down on the album himself and he did it beautifully. Very gently. I was proud of him.

He has learned how to make the "f" sound at speech class and he is practicing all the time. "Fart" of course, is his favorite word and I swear to you, the other day in the car when he was demonstrating his F-words, he gave out with a great big old F-Bomb and Lily and I both about had to strangle our owndamnselves to quit laughing and he was told in no uncertain terms that he is NOT to say that word. Not at all, never, especially at school.
"You'll get in big trouble if you say that at school," I told him. "They'll send you home."
"That's okay! I don't want to go to school!" he said, quite cheerfully. 
"If you get in trouble at school, you're going to get in even worse trouble at home," Lily said. 
Meanwhile, we were both turning blue from the effort not to bust our guts. 
Gibson's language skills are increasing by leaps and bounds. Even English. And he is so polite! Not only does he always say "Thank-you" but he also says, "You're welcome!" after we thank him. Never have I met a two-and-a-half year old who does that. Ever. And he can count to five and he probably knows all his ABC's. You know how it is with second kids. Unlike with the first ones whose every molecule of growth and learning is noted with great glee and celebration, the subsequent children could be speaking Latin and the parents wouldn't know it until someone else pointed it out. 
Gibson loves to take showers. Mostly I think it's an opportunity to be pants-less but whatever. I let him stay in there as long as the water's warm. Here he is my shower today. 

That's a plastic frog, by the way. He is so beautiful. Children and their perfect, lovely bodies...

While the boys were here, Mr. Moon's doctor's office called and left a message that he should call them. He had his physical last week and then went and had his blood work done and you know how incredibly freaked out I get about going to the doctor and getting stuff like that done? Well, it's just as bad for me when it's my husband. I texted him to give him the message and waited on pins and needles and with my heart in my throat and my stomach in knots until he called to tell me that they just wanted to tell him that all of his numbers were GREAT!
Lord, child. I was so happy. I am so happy. 
I have to keep that man alive. Forever. Or until after I die, which is the same thing. 

And in another not-very-related topic, let me report that I went to see Kathleen yesterday and she looks fabulous and even better and more importantly, she said she feels great. I think her body is finally getting over the effects of the chemo and she told me that she's even occasionally hungry which just thrilled my heart. She'd had no idea how sick the chemo was making her. May she continue to feel so very well, to be able to enjoy every minute of her life. 

Which reminds me to try and do the same. 

It's been a good day and one of my old hens laid me a beautiful green egg- the first one I've gotten in forever and I'm going to make us poached eggs over spinach and mushrooms tonight and I will be cooking that one, for sure. 

So. There's the news from Lloyd. Well, not really. I have no idea what's going on next door or across the street or on Main Street or Lloyd Subdivision Road or on that beautiful little dirt road where I walk because there's an old house that I love so much with such beautiful trees that it makes my heart feel at peace just to see it. Since Miss Martha retired as Post Mistress, I don't get the news the way I used to which is sad but anyway, this is what is happening here, in my tiny part of this tiny village in North Florida. For today, at least, there have been worries and frowns but far more sweetness and light. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a perfectly perfect post. And it certainly started with one of the best photos of two boys that I've ever seen.

  2. what a kick I got reading this post ( actually I enjoy EACH and every post)........ you covered your entire days thoughts and activities well...and I'm smiling. The boys are precious beyond belief...growing and changing......... and I'm salivating like Pavlov's dog reading of your poached egg over spinach mushroom dinner! Happy to hear Kathleen is feeling good!
    PS I love, love, love your header photo. Your house is something dreams are made of.......just lovely and so much character and love shine from it, and from you
    Susan in Ca

  3. Elizabeth- I fear and feel you can relate.

    Susan in Ca- This is my blog and my journal. As such, sometimes it gets boring. I know. But thank you for reading every day. Our supper was inanely delicious. It really was. Thanks for liking my header photo. I like it too.

  4. And of course I meant "insanely" rather than "inanely" but that would have fit as well.

  5. Our first trouble call from child care was for our then four year old. He hadn't said the evil F-word, but he heard a buddy say it, then wrote it out Fuk. We had the same bust-a-gut trying not to laugh, and the teachers were too. I so love little boys exploring the world!

  6. That top picture is HILARIOUS. I'm not sure Gibson would agree, given his expression, but I love it.

    Do you go to a local hair salon? (Or whatever they're called these days -- I know "Beauty Parlor" is passé.) That may be where you have to catch up on your local news, like in a Eudora Welty story. :)

  7. That top photo is brilliant, like a modern take on Diane Arbus. I love it.

  8. I'll never forget two-year-old Ayla knocking over some books at Barnes and Noble and saying, quite calmly, "Oh shit." The context was so perfect, I was kinda proud.

    Siblings are just the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Love the pictures of those sweet boys.

  9. Gibson is gorgeous even when he pouts!

  10. oh doctors. I have to go back to the dermatologist this month. I had a little bleeder on my nose which she froze once but it came back and so she cut it off and sent it to be biopsied. basal cell carcinoma. I have a little pit on my nose where it was and so now I have to go back so she can decide what further treatment I need. not the first one I've had cut off my face. pretty soon people can just call me Scarface.

  11. Ahhhh Lloyd. It's strangely comforting reading all this. All is well and beautiful in Lloyd.
    Especially that Gibson face! Unbearable sweet.

  12. This post is all about love.
    Thank you.

    Glad to hear of the good medical news too.

    Sending more love.

  13. That picture is worthy to be blasted across the interweb. It is that good.

    Those times when your kid does something so funny you almost pee your pants but you have to be straight-faced. Those are the best.

  14. Even I had a little heart palp thinking about the doctor calling back. Why do they do that?! Ugh!

    I love the picture too, naturally. Some of my favorite pics of my grandkids are when they are losing it!

  15. Cathy H-S- I think it happens to everyone. Where do they get this shit? Okay, yes, I use a lot of profanity but NEVER around those boys and neither do their parents. Jeez.

    Steve Reed- Seriously? Can you see me at a hair salon? Haha! No, actually, I do get my hair trimmed about twice a year and the woman I go to is someone I love and she catches me up on all of her and her husband's news which I love. There is no salon of any sort in Lloyd!

    Angella- I feel quite lucky to have gotten that shot.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Gibson just wanted to wear the claws and he got to so all was well.
    I'd be proud of my kid too, to use such fine word so appropriately.

    Joan- I think so too!

    Ellen Abbott- Yep. I hear you. Me too- old Scarface. And at this point- so what? Thank god that our vanity decreases along with our looks. Keep going to the dermatologist!

    Ms. Yo- Kids just throw it ALL out there, don't they? Is your baby married yet?

    Denise- Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweetness!

    Jill- It's the truth. Owen knew we were laughing. He knew we were trying not to. I have no idea why we even tried to hide it. Lily was like, "I can't even drive I'm laughing so hard."

    Heartinhand- It's funny that we don't usually take the melt-down pictures. I just already had the camera out to take a picture of Wolverine before I made him take the costume off to save it for Halloween. And Gibson wasn't having it! HE WANTED TO WEAR THE CLAWS!

  16. Ha--I can see that pissed off look and remember it well. Gibson's f words are funny. I can only imagine it would not be funny if he f bombed in school.


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